HowToMoodle, a Moodle and Totara partner, has joined forces with IntelliBoard to provide clients new reporting and analytics tools to improve eLearning.


MONROE, CT, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2019 / -- IntelliBoard has joined with the well-established Moodle LMS and Totara Learning Solutions partner, HowToMoodle, to provide extensive reporting and analytics to its Moodle and Totara clients throughout the UK and Europe.

HowToMoodle clients now have the benefit of a full suite of more than 130 reports and analytics tools to inform a powerful learning environment backed by data. In addition, IntelliBoard also provides a visual report builder and an SQL builder for folks who wish to build their own reports. IntelliBoard provides user-friendly, on-demand, real-time insight to inform educational business decisions - to improve workflow for businesses, educational institutions, and other LMS training implementations.

Ray Lawrence, Director of HowToMoodle, stated “We’re the leading UK Moodle experts and Totara Platinum partners. Our client focused, continuous improvement approach means we are always listening to our client’s requirements, enabling them to aim higher. We are thrilled to partner with IntelliBoard to help us empower clients to access the data they need to evaluate current performance and drive their future LMS vision.”

"Having met Ray last year at the Moodle Moot UK/IE, I understood him to be a major figure in the Moodle/Totara worlds," stated Dr. Tonya Riney, EVP, IntelliBoard. She continued, "Ray was a presence. He knows so much, and the innovations led by HowToMoodle are incredible. We're so excited to add HowToMoodle to the IntelliBoard family."

"We are thrilled to partner with IntelliBoard to help us empower clients to access the data they need to evaluate current performance and drive their future LMS vision."

Ray Lawrence, Director, HowToMoodle


About IntelliBoard offers analytic and reporting services to education communities and institutions who use Blackboard Learn, Canvas, D2L, Moodle™ or Totara Learn. IntelliBoard extracts the statistical data collected within the LMS, and presents this rich data on a single dashboard in the form of easy-to-read, aesthetic, and printable charts, graphs, and formatted reports. We strive to be the premier analytics dashboard for LMS users. Feel the strength of empowered learning with our purposefully built analytics for education and training. Our mantra: provide the best instantly-available, most-simplified point-and-click access your LMS data to inform your educational business decisions.


About HowToMoodle

With over a decade of experience in the e-learning industry, HowToMoodle knows exactly what you need to create, support and deliver engaging and effective learning resources. We’re the leading UK Moodle experts and Totara Platinum partner, helping our clients achieve their LMS goals since 2004. We work with organisations of any size and believe inspiration gained from the transfer of knowledge and skills, coupled with expert support, is the key to success.

Expertise: Established UK Moodle and Totara Partner
Passion: We love to guide clients to success
Quality and client satisfaction: ISO 9001 certified
Security: UK ISO 27001 data centres, Cyber Essentials Plus certified

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