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We're delighted to announce our recent achievement of the ISO 9001:2015 certification!

This worldwide accreditation is awarded to organisations who demonstrate an adherence to quality management principles, these include a strong focus on our clients and customer satisfaction, a process approach and the commitment to making continual improvements throughout the company.

To achieve this certification, the team must adhere to set objectives and targets which are continually reviewed to ensure they are understood, acted upon and met. These objectives include:

  • Ensuring that it meets the needs and requirements of its clients;
  • Seeking to continually improve its processes and service delivery;
  • Meeting statutory and regulatory requirements that apply to processes, services and activities;
  • To retain our high level of customer satisfaction.

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What does the ISO 9001 certification mean for our customers?

As an internationally recognised standard focused on quality, this certification helps ensure that our clients will benefit from consistent, high quality services. It also give the reassurance that we are actively looking to improve all areas of the business to provide a better experience for our clients.

As Operations and Finance Manager, Marianne Hill, comments;

“This is a fantastic accolade, one of which we are very proud of. We’re renowned for our honest approach and for putting our clients first. Being able to achieve customer satisfaction and deliver high quality into the services we provide is what we do, day in, day out, so this achievement was an obvious step for us. We’re thrilled to have been recognised for this prestigious certification.”

To find out more about the ISO 9001 standards click here.

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