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Twas the year of e-learning

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Twas the year of e-learning
And all across the UK
L&D teams were stressing
If their LMS was ok?

Was the content engaging
And the platform robust?
Or would all of their planning
Vanish like dust?
And way up in Lapland
Santa’s well on his way
Making e-learning essential
Before his big day.

The elves and the reindeer
Logged on for e-learning
Courses about children
And presents and yearning.

How to deal with children
Who were naughty, not nice
Versus those who were sweetness,
All sugar and spice.

Rudolph had taken his annual break
Certificate lapsed in ‘Guiding One's Sleigh’.
He’s accessing the training, completed the guidance.
Certificate renewed, he’s now fully compliant.
The need this past year
To increase his workforce
Has meant many more elves
Taking Santa’s onboarding course.

Whether learning about bribery
Or training temporary staff,
Or generating management reports
With colourful graphs.

Santa’s LMS is now a critical tool
Ensuring our children get presents each year.
Because no LMS means
No holiday cheer.

Suddenly from the shop floor
There arose such a clatter
The LMS had flagged up
A serious Compliance matter!
But swift as an arrow
The offending elf was alerted
The appropriate course was assigned,
Disaster averted.

So, as we drift off all snug in our beds
We know that we’re safe
Santa’s knowledge and skills
Are right up to date.

And as Christmas approaches
We wish you good cheer
Today and tomorrow,
Indeed, all through the year.


From all of us at the Hubken Group, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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