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At Hubken, we understand that training and learning is a critical component of healthcare management so finding the right e-learning platform to streamline processes and solve complex L&D challenges is essential. To learn more about e-learning for healthcare, click here.

What's included in the Healthcare LMS Hub?

Informative PDF guides
  • How healthcare organisations tackled Covid-19 with e-learning
  • Welcome to the digital age of healthcare
Short blogs
  • Healthcare e-learning: Addressing the impacts of Covid-19
  • Why e-learning for healthcare professionals can save lives
  • Why the NHS and healthcare organisations need powerful LMS solutions
Hubken healthcare case studies
  • Mountain Healthcare
  • Princess Alice Hospice
E-learning and LMS use cases
  • Compliance training
  • Employee development
  • Employee onboarding
Fast fact infographics
  • Healthcare fast facts
  • Did you know: 'The number of staff leaving the UK’s national health service (NHS) has risen by 51% in just four years...'
Useful links, FAQs and more...
  • E-learning and LMSs for the NHS and healthcare organisations
  • Hubken's free LMS survey
  • How Hubken can help video

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