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What's new in Moodle 3.9?

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Hubken Group are excited to tell you that Moodle 3.9 is here! Moodle is about continual improvement. Listening to the experience of system administrators and users to take the experience of managing online learning to the next level.

Moodle continues to be the world’s most popular LMS with over 163,000 sites worldwide and an incredible 213 million users. Every year a major Moodle update is released so here's a taster of what to expect.


A quick summary of what's new:

  • An improved activity chooser – a new grid layout with multiple tabs will allow you to search and star your most used activities and resources. The admin will also be able to set a list of recommended activities and resources.

  • More H5P integration – H5P makes it easy to create and share interactive online content. It will be possible to create, search for and edit H5P content in Moodle’s new content bank and to use H5P as a Moodle activity with gradebook integration and activity completion.

  • MoodleNet integration – a new plugin has been developed to allow educators to navigate to MoodleNet from the activity chooser and push content from MoodleNet to their Moodle course. MoodleNet will be launched together with Moodle 3.9.

  • More power to filter course participants – using the updated filter on the participant page you’ll be able to combine multiple filter conditions with logical queries.
  • Easier ways to copy courses both teachers and admins will be able to copy courses from a single user interface rather than from separate backup and restore steps.
  • Improved Safe Exam Browser integration – the Safe Exam Browser was previously an experimental setting that can now be enabled and configured from the quiz settings. This will allow a quiz to be taken in a teacher controlled restricted and secure environment.

  • Improved accessibility Moodle 3.9 will deliver several accessibility improvements. These are the result of an external audit of key pages on the Moodle LMS.


We’ll be able to tell you more about what’s new in Moodle 3.9 soon. Hubken Group will be updating client sites to Moodle 3.9 as soon as possible. If you would like to learn more about Hubken Group's Moodle solution get in touch today.

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