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Infographic: Why do employees love using an LMS?

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Employees love using a learning management system (LMS)! This e-learning platform has the power to serve the diverse learning requirements of employees regardless of their skill set, job role or training background. We've gathered some key statistics and put together a handy infographic to demonstrate just how valuable an LMS is to employees; read it below.

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Why do employees love using an LMS?

  • 93% of employees expect employers to provide learning opportunities

    When evaluating whether a business is worth committing to long term, many employees will take development opportunities into account. Using an LMS makes creating diverse, comprehensive training programmes and dynamic online learning courses easy, ensuring job retention across the board.

  • 58% of employees prefer to learn at their own speed

    It's no great surprise that everyone learns at a different pace, and some will have a better grasp of certain subjects than others. Employees love using an LMS as they can revisit lessons as many times as they need to until they gain a good understanding.

  • 91% of employees prefer having employee-specific training

    91% of employees prefer having employee-specific training, with the opinion that it is more beneficial and relevant. This is easy to achieve with features such as automation functionality, hierarchies, assessment tools and customised templates.

  • Nine out of ten employees are champions of flexibility

    Using an LMS opens up your L&D programme so that employees can access learning anywhere, at anytime. With options such as mobile learning, training can be carried out when it best suits them and can even be accessed without internet.

  • E-learning increases retention rates to 82% on average

    With diverse assessment tools, the ability to revisit learning, and more options for engaging lesson types such as gamified learning, an LMS delivers better learning retention rates. As a result, employees are better prepared to apply their knowledge practically.

Find the perfect LMS that employees will love

Keeping the above statistics in mind, you may find yourself looking for an LMS that is robust enough to serve all of the favourable training elements and learning requirements sought after by employees. Our Totara and Moodle LMS options feature a wide range of functionality, capable of serving the needs of your employees and L&D managers.

With features such as the Totara Mobile app in our Totara Learn LMS offering, you can deliver on the flexibility element that employees are looking for whilst injecting some fun with gamification-style lessons that can be completed on their smartphones, even offline. A Totara Learn LMS also delivers the required features to create individual employee development plans, ensuring training is relevant and personal to each employee. Find out more by visiting our Totara Learn page, here.

Ready to learn more about how our LMS solutions are capable of creating L&D programmes that your employees will love? Get in touch with our friendly LMS experts today to find out more about what is possible with the right e-learning platform!


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