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The ability to track completion within a Moodle course is useful to both teachers and learners alike in quickly displaying the progress being made.

By making the completion of an activity dependant on meeting a specific grade, you can ensure that your learners are not just progressing through the resources and activities, but that they are progressing with a demonstrable level of understanding.

With a small amount of effort, you can help both the teacher and learner be confident that effective learning is taking place.

1. Firstly, ensure that Completion Tracking is enabled at both a site and course level (you will find this in Site Administration > Advanced Features and Course Administration > Edit Settings respectively)

2. Create an Activity (in this example I am going to create a quiz) ensuring that the following are selected in the settings:

Mark activity

3. Now go to Administration (Settings in versions prior to 2.5) and go to Course administration > Grades.

4. Select Simple View (Categories and Items) from the drop-down list on the Grader Report screen.

5. On the next screen, locate your activity and click on the Edit icon.

Mark activity

6. On the Edit Grade Item screen, click on +Show More to display the advanced settings.

Mark activity

7. Then set the Grade to pass (in my example, I will set it to 7.5) and click on the Save Changes button.

Mark activity

On the course page, the completion status for this activity will now display as one of three states:

Mark activity  Activity not attempted

Mark activity  Activity attempted but pass grade not achieved

Mark activity  Activity complete – pass grade achieved

You may want to extend this further by permitting access to further activities/resources only when an acceptable level of attainment has been reached in an earlier activity.

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