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The Hidden Costs of Buying an LMS

Choose an LMS that meets your needs without going over budget

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Avoid hidden costs when choosing your LMS

Our eBook explains the different LMS types you can expect to see on the market and the common hidden costs you might miss:

Just exactly what are the options available when it comes to LMSs?

  • Cloud-based vs self-hosted
  • Free and open-sourced
  • Pay-per-user cloud-based

How to spot and avoid those budget-breaking hidden costs:

  • Implementation and set-up fees
  • Upgrade fees
  • Integration costs
  • Software updates
  • Customisation fees
  • Mandatory training
  • Support costs
  • L&D staff costs
  • Add-on software costs
  • Mobile learning apps
Antony Snow, Instructional Designer, The Garden Centre Association

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