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We have lift off! HowToMoodle Launch PayForCourses

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PayForCourses: the time-saving, sales boosting eCommerce solution your Moodle site needs

Customers and businesses alike want uncomplicated systems that save everyone time. PayForCourses offers an integrated eCommerce system to monetise your Moodle site. Customers can purchase courses easily, while you can manage your courses and administration quickly and without hassle. We’re launching a series of videos to explore how PayForCourses can transform the monetising of your Moodle site. First in the series is an overview of PayForCourses and how it can benefit your business. 

 PayForCourses Launch

Strengthen your sales strategy with PayForCourses

Generating more course sales on your Moodle site is the next step, but you may have been put off by a process that can seem long and complicated. PayForCourses has been designed to help you make money as easily as possible from your site, saving you time and effort. Through the eCommerce system, PayForCourses provides streamlined automation to make admin simple and stress-free, including extensive reporting tools and an easy to use administrator dashboard. These reports allow you to monitor performance of courses easily; making it simple to target your ideal customer base to maximise your returns. If you want to test marketing strategies by introducing coupons, creating special offers or bundling courses for sale, that’s easy and stress-free too. You’ll also be able to generate an informed sales strategy, cross-selling and up-selling with the easy linking tools to increase your sales opportunities.

 PayForCourses Sales Strategy

PayForCourses makes it easy to boost your brand’s reputation

As with any business, your brand and its reputation are vital. The reviews and ratings tools within PayForCourses allow you to develop your reputation as a quality course provider, making sure your potential customers notice you in an often-crowded marketplace. PayForCourses is integrated effortlessly within your current online shop and branding, continuing your important brand identity without the need for an extra store front for your site. PayForCourses makes everything streamlined and simple, so you can focus on offering quality courses and building your brand.

 PayForCourses Brand Reputation

PayForCourses makes it quick and easy for customers to buy your courses

If you visualise your target customer, they’re likely to be a busy, engaged learner, seeking and willing to buy a quality course. They may or may not already be a Moodle user. Not only do you need to stand out to attract these customers, you also need to make it as easy as possible for customers to complete a purchase. With PayForCourses, customers can easily view your course catalogue and pricing before even having a Moodle account. Once they’ve purchased a course, they’ll be automatically enrolled as a Moodle user, making another step as easy as possible for them and preventing a barrier to purchase. Your customers will be able to pay with a variety of methods including PayPal, Worldplay and SagePay. This stress-free route to purchase makes it straightforward for your customers to buy from you, reflecting positively on your brand. 

PayForCourses Quick and Easy Payment

Contact HowToMoodle for your effortless PayForCourses set up

PayForCourses makes it quick and hassle-free for your customers to buy your courses. We also know how valuable your time is, which is why HowToMoodle will set up PayForCourses seamlessly, so you can get started straightaway. Contact us now or call us on 0330 660 1111 to find out more about how PayForCourses can benefit your business.

PayForCourses Set Up


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