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Santa's LMS saves a Christmas in distress! A Christmas Poem

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Twas the night before Christmas and all around the world 

Lights wound around trees and gift ribbons were curled. 

The tinsel and baubles glittered so bright 

Waiting for Santa on a crisp winter night. 


Up at the North Pole, were the reindeer and sled, 

Elves were in training, certifications ahead. 

New hires were onboarding with screens on their laps, 

Preparing his journey, no time for naps. 


Reindeers logged in, their laptops aglow, 

With eLearning courses they needed to know. 

Dashboards were buzzing as progress was made, 

Ensuring that Santa would not be delayed. 


The children were waiting with wonder and glee, 

For gifts soon to be placed under the tree. 

The training was flawless, learning paths divine, 

When suddenly a glitch on the factory line. 


Manufacturing had halted, no toys in sight, 

A digital hiccup? A perilous plight. 

Elves stared at screens, with eyes wide like moons, 

Fingers on keyboards, pointed ears on iTunes. 


"We need a quick fix," came Santa's loud pleas, 

"The toys must be ready to place under the trees!" 

Elves glared at their laptops, the right courses to find, 

Debugging the glitch meant the right courses assigned. 


They spoke not a word but went straight to the mission 

To fix all the glitches via eLearning tuition. 

Santa gathered around, as close as he dared, 

To see how things were, to see how they fared. 


In the world of eLearning, where knowledge takes flight, 

Elves swotted with joy, to make everything right. 

Attacking the bug swiftly, like heroes so keen, 

And soon, the workshop was an eLearning machine. 


With the LMS humming, skills were quickly attained, 

Meaning toys were soon crafted, production regained. 

Elves high-fived in triumph, their spirits aglow,  

Santa was saved from becoming a sideshow. 


To the sleigh, they all rushed, with a jubilant cry, 

Rumbling with laughter, Santa flew through the sky. 

Above all the cloud-tops, the sleigh soon took flight 

Thanks to eLearning, Saint Nick sped out of sight. 


Children rejoiced, as their toys all appeared, 

From eight tiny reindeer and a man with a beard.   

Unaware of the glitches that eLearning had solved, 

And the extent to which Hubken’s LMS was involved. 


And as he sprang to his sleigh, spreading good cheer, 

Away they all flew toward the end of the year. 

But I heard him exclaim as they soared through the night, 

Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night! 

From all of us at Hubken Group, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

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