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Moodle 3.8 - What You Need to Know About the Latest Moodle Release

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The latest Moodle release focused on community requested features, bringing with it several new and exciting features, as well as commonly requested updates to existing features.

Here are a few of the features we are most excited about in Moodle 3.8:


Forum Enhancements

Forums have received the most attention in this update, with improvements to grading, reporting and visuals!

You can now grade whole forums
Moodle 3.8 users have the ability to turn on grading for whole forum discussions giving teachers and trainers another touch point for grading and feedback in courses.

Forum Enhancements - Moodle 3.8-2

Easily export forum discussions
Admins can enable forum exports for any portfolio, giving teachers and trainers the ability to export their own posts, learners’ posts, or the entire discussion.

New forum summary reports
The new Forum Summary Report gives teachers and trainers insight to learners’ participation throughout entire forums. The report shows how active learners have been based on original posts, replies, word count, etc.


New Learning Analytics

Insights and analytics provide trainers and teachers an opportunity report on the efficacy and completion of their courses. Moodle 3.8 brings new reports to offer even more insight to learner behaviour.

Report on learner logins
New reports allow you to easily view learners who have not accessed the course in the past week or month, as well as anyone who has never logged in to the course.

Improved Analytics - Moodle 3.8


The Moodle Mobile App

We love the Moodle app, especially when 74% of employees access resources from their smartphones to do their job. With Moodle 3.8 the app as continued to improve with a few extra features.

Dark Mode
This a pretty simple, but very appreciated, feature. You can now switch your Moodle app to dark mode for a more pleasant and easy-on-the-eyes learning experience in the evenings.

Dark Mode - Moodle 3.8

Access H5P on the go
Hubken customers have enjoyed H5P as standard for the past few years, but with Moodle’s new integration, H5P content is available offline in the mobile app as well.

H5P - Moodle 3.8-1



Communication is a crucial aspect to productive digital learning experiences. Moodle’s new features aim to improve the way trainers and learners communicate across the platform.

Send messages in bulk
Trainers and Teachers can now send messages in bulk to all users in a course.

Write with feeling
Sometimes words aren’t enough. Emojis are now available in private messages and through the Atto editor!


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