Many organisations want their line managers to play a bigger part in their employee’s learning and development, but they are usually left unengaged or without the right tools to do so. Ensure time-poor managers always have the information they need at their fingertips with a learning solution that is configured to their needs, allowing them to deliver effective learning in half the time.

Discover the 8 ways an LMS will help engage your managers with employee training in our infographic below:




Companies that use learning technologies achieve an 18% boost in employee engagement - Data published by Molly Fletcher Company


1. Allow easy access to staff records, development plans and reviews:
Integrate HR data with your system to get access to valuable data such as job role, department and line manager, connecting your teams and employees together.

2. Save time with automatic learning assignment:
Use your integrated HR data to automatically assign learning paths, ensuring competency is met and managed for an upskilled workforce without taking up your managers’ time.

3. Gain centralised control for face-to-face training:
Give your managers complete control of their team’s training and events, allowing them to approve bookings, reserve and allocate spaces, all in one place!

4. Increase engagement through collaborative development:
Allow managers and learners to work collaboratively on the learner’s development plans and goals, with the ability to plan, create, monitor and evaluate together.

5. Keep up-to-date with real-time notifications:
Tailored and flexible notification options mean that managers can receive all the notifications they want and need, keeping them fully informed on their team’s progress.

6. Instantly track progress and performance:
Comprehensive and flexible reporting tools give instant analytics in to learner progress and engagement, allowing managers to support, modify, assess and reward where necessary.

7. See the bigger picture with a dedicated dashboard:
Managers are provided with a customised dashboard, giving them access to insights for their team members’ learning plans, user profiles, courses and more.

8. Create engaging interactive content with ease:
Give your managers access to feature-rich content tools such as interactive videos, presentations, games and more for high-quality learning content that engages learners.


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