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The top 5 employee engagement tools you should be using

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Are you reaping the rewards of a focused, motivated and engaged workforce? If not, don’t worry – you’re not alone. With a study revealing that just 10% of workers in Britain are engaged, it’s clear that most businesses need to invest in engagement strategies and employee engagement tools if they want to address these concerning statistics. Start by implementing the top five employee engagement tools discussed in this blog.


What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement refers to the level of dedication, commitment and enthusiasm an employee has towards the company and their role. Engaged employees are motivated and driven and typically perform better than unengaged employees.


What are the benefits of employee engagement?

  • Employees go above and beyond – When employees are passionate about the work they’re doing, they feel a stronger sense of ownership and are more likely to perform beyond what is expected of them
  • Higher job satisfaction rates
  • Happy and collaborative workforce
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Improved company culture and employee advocacy


Let’s run through the top five employee engagement tools you can use to support your engagement strategy.


1. Collaboration tools

If you want to improve company culture and increase engagement levels by fostering a sense of community and connection amongst your team members, collaboration tools are the perfect solution.

Collaboration tools are designed to help employees work together by allowing them to collaborate on tasks and projects together in real-time, share documents and converse via instant messaging software such as Microsoft Teams, engage in group learning activities, and much more. These tools allow employees to feel connected with their peers regardless of location, preventing a feeling of isolation and increasing engagement as a result.

With a learning experience platform (LXP) such as Totara Engage, you can take advantage of the collaborative workspace functionality. Here, employees can come together online to work together in an environment that has been created to support a specific team, project or job function. In this workspace, members can share documents and useful links, ask and answer questions, and take advantage of social features such as polls, likes, and comments – creating a dynamic working environment that encourages employees to play an active role in collaborative work.

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2. Feedback tools

Feedback tools are the key to building trust and respect. They ensure employees feel valued by creating a transparent and communicative work environment and ultimately boost employee engagement.

Harness valuable insights and uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses through your e-learning platform. For example, anonymous feedback tools such as surveys empower employers to get honest employee insights. Using this feedback, necessary changes to business operations and company culture can be made.

When managers and employers listen to employee feedback and demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement by taking action based on the words of their staff, employees are more likely to participate as they know their opinions are valued – boosting engagement rates as a result.

employee engagement tools with feedback mechanisms


3. Performance management tools

One of the biggest factors that can undermine your engagement strategy is not instilling a sense of purpose in your employees, i.e. the ‘do this and don’t ask why’ mentality. Your employees need to understand why their work is important and how it will help the company achieve its wider objectives.

One of the best ways to outline this is to use SMART goals and objectives in your performance management system. Using performance management tools to create, measure, and track goals allows you to align them with wider objectives, providing a clear sense of purpose for each goal – no matter how big or small it may seem.


4. Reports

Whether using a learning management system to deliver L&D opportunities, an LXP to facilitate collaborative working or a performance management system, reporting tools are a manager’s best friend when it comes to measuring and monitoring employee engagement.

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With the right platform, you can easily track and measure employee engagement rates by generating automated reports that provide insights into areas such as sign-on rates and employee contributions. In fact, using our Totara Engage platform you can create a specific user engagement report that identifies those employees who are leading and contributing to discussions and going above and beyond to develop skills and support team activities.

Find out more about Totara Engage by visiting our system page here.

employee engagement tools  with reports


5. Personalised learning

By now, we know just how important learning and development opportunities are for employees, with 94% regarding it as an essential policy that would convince them to stay in a company. However, boosting employee engagement with effective learning and development programmes is an essential practice that requires more than just generic training courses.

To provide employees with the type of L&D opportunities that will boost company loyalty and employee engagement, you need to utilise personalised learning tools. From content recommendation tools in an LXP to personalised learning pathways in an LMS, with the right e-learning platforms at your disposal you can easily create tailored learning opportunities that target individual L&D needs. By moving away from generic training, employees are more likely to engage with training materials and subsequently apply acquired skills and knowledge when completing role-based tasks.

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Does your e-learning solution provide the above essential employee engagement tools required to maximise the potential of your workforce? If not, get in touch with us today to discover the power of a Hubken solution and start reaping the rewards of a highly engaged workforce.

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