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The bulk user action feature is a very useful feature of both Moodle and Totara Learn. 

To access this feature in both Moodle and Totara go to Site administration ► Users ► Accounts ► Bulk user actions.

Bulk User Action In Moodle or Totara Learn

In this menu you can choose to filter the users based on certain criteria. The criteria is slightly different depending on which LMS you are using. (Moodle is the image on the left, Totara on the right):

Bulk User Action In Moodle Moodle Filter
Bulk User Action in Totara Learn Totara Filter

 Once the filter has been applied the users that meet the criteria of the filter will be displayed in the Users in list section.

Bulk User Action in Moodle or Totara Learn Filter

To add users to the selection you can select the users with the mouse and click ‘Add to selection’, or you can add all filtered users by clicking ‘Add all’.

Bulk User Action in Moodle or Totara Learn Selection

To choose what you want to do with the selected users, click the dropdown menu ‘With selected users’ and choose the action you wish to perform. Some of the useful options include, Force password change and send a message. There are also some actions that are specific to Moodle and Totara. (Moodle is the image on the left, Totara on the right):

Bulk User Action In Moodle Actions Moodle actions
Bulk User Action in Totara Learn Actions Totara actions

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