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It’s vital for any organisation to have an effective training strategy to upskill and motivate employees. Blended learning is a great solution. It combines the best of online learning with, typically – a traditional classroom to create a fundamental culture shift in training for your organisation. This combined approach enables you to deliver flexible, consistent training which can be adapted to the personal learning style of your employees.

As a result, you’ll motivate your staff and save money and time, improving your bottom line. Online management systems are key to executing a successful and dynamic blended approach.


Blended learning helps increase productivity and profit across your company

As a business, you want your workforce to be knowledgeable, motivated and loyal. Access to quality training for your employees is essential for this, giving them essential tools and skills. Using a learning management system such as Moodle or Totara Learn gives you cost effective and flexible training options for your company. 

You can scale learning easily throughout your organisation, offering consistent quality no matter the audience size. Online learning systems in the blended mix means you won’t always need a physical trainer or classroom for all learning, saving you money hiring expensive course instructors for face to face sessions and the expenses associated with the associated logistics.


Why your learners will love a blended learning approach

Your learners also benefit from a combined method. With a blended approach, learners can access the online learning elements at times and a pace that suits them. Learners can study within their own preferred learning style, increasing their participation and motivation with the course material. This blended approach can include videos, gamification, online forum chats or in-person training for different elements of the course. This mix helps to engage learners further, increasing the effectiveness of the training.

A combination of online and face to face sessions creates an atmosphere of motivation and collaboration, promoting your business and staff development. Your staff can also achieve certificates and badges to reward their studies.


How to introduce blended learning to your organisation

Adopting blended learning can transform your company’s training strategy. For the approach to be truly effective, a well-defined strategy with clear motivations and the learning goals of your cohort is essential. Making sure the training material is of a high, engaging quality will boost the effects of blended learning, so this is important. 

The technological side of blended learning can also be a challenge for a business. Developing training within your company’s existing tools and facilities is important. Timing, budget and timescales are also extra practicalities that need to be planned in. You’ll also need to develop each blended element carefully, considering the existing knowledge of your staff.


Hubken Group enables you to introduce blended learning effectively across your business

If you’re keen to see the benefits of a well-structured blended learning approach across your organisation, Hubken Group can help.

We offer practical support and implementation of learning management systems, Moodle and Totara Learn, to make your blended learning strategy a success.


Our friendly team of experts are only a call or email away. Get in touch today to discuss how we'll turn your requirements into a great project!


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