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The education and training sector is a highly complex one. 

Beyond public sector schools, further education colleges and universities there are also thousands of smaller private and charity sector organisations such as trade associations, membership institutions and many more.

Much of this learning is delivered completely online using e-learning platforms or in the form of blended learning.

If you’re not, e-learning is crucial to meet the needs of your learners and to streamline your training processes for the best learning experiences, training distribution and collaboration.

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Challenges in the education and training sector

High expectations

Students and service users rightly expect the highest standards of training delivery from a specialist education or training provider. In the context of e-learning that means an LMS platform that is easy to access and navigate, with a professional and branded interface and the facility to deliver flexible, engaging content which also facilitates interactivity.

Complex Admin

Managing the training needs of many hundreds, perhaps thousands of learners can be a big admin challenge. In many cases, this may involve a wide range of subjects and forms of learning being delivered to different audiences at appropriate times – potentially a recipe for headaches, which is why automation is so important.

Lack of in-house IT

Most UK providers in the sector are relatively small organisations that may not have in-house technical teams to look after the IT and technical support side of delivering training online. This ranges from site hosting to fixing bugs, applying platform upgrades and so on. With users expecting reliable access to learning this can be a concern.

Tight budgets

The education and training sector is a highly competitive one and for many that means having to run a tight ship financially. Often, many resources are focused on new content development and staffing costs meaning there is little left over to focus on the systems and processes needed to administer training itself, despite this being important.

Geographical locations

Large education and training organisations in particular often have learners and staff located all across the country, making coordinating and organising training very difficult. Bringing learners and staff all together in one location is expensive while having disparate training across various locations can lead to a lack of consistency in skills and new knowledge.

Need for video conferencing

The explosion in web conferencing in the light of the Covid pandemic has only increased expectations that a slick, integrated web conferencing facility is integral to any e-learning platform. Many organisations need to demonstrate that they are on the ball, especially if face-to-face learning is not part of their offering but online tutoring is.

Why effective e-learning is essential in education and training

Better user experiences
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So much of your online learning programme can be automated which reduces admin time for your team and provides your learners with a fast and slick learning experience. You can allow learners to register themselves and then allocate appropriate learning pathways to meet their needs which also adapt depending on how they progress.

Adaptable, centralised training
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E-learning platforms come with all the flexibility and functionality to deal with any training challenges you can throw at them. Addressing the skill gaps in your education and training organisation, as well as onboarding new members and meeting compliance regulations is made simple. New learning content can be added at any time to adapt to any new requirements.

Engaging content
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Keeping learners engaged is easy with e-learning due to the range of available learning options. Whether it’s anything from quiz modules to live video sessions, training managers can review which content is the most successful while still meeting the necessary regulations.

Save money
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The tightening of belts when it comes to funding and the subsequent need to cut costs is something e-learning can help with too. Open-source options like Totara Learn and Moodle in particular are incredibly cost-effective and can massively reduce training costs permanently.

Simplify administration of training
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Organisations with learners spread out across large geographical regions will know the challenges this can bring to training. With e-learning, however, there is no need to gather learners all in one place at the same time as powerful automation tools allow you to train learners in different topics and at different times, regardless of location.

Ready to get started with e-learning?

Learning Management Systems

LMSs are used to manage, distribute and measure formal learning to make sure learners receive the necessary training.

An education LMS could deliver things like essential compliance training or onboarding training across a number of different subject areas.

Our LMSs are Totara Learn, Totara Learn Professional and Moodle.

Key features available:

Easy course building

Automated rule-based allocation 

Advanced custom reporting

Multi-tenancy for multiple groups

Offline event booking

✓ Mobile learning on any device

Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP) Suite

The TXP brings together three systems to help you revolutionise the way you train, manage and develop your people – Totara Learn (LMS), Totara Engage (LXP) and Totara Perform.

With an education TXP, you would be able to offer informal learning spaces to encourage knowledge-sharing, as well as monitor learner performance to identify development needs.

Key features available:

All our LMS features

Content curation from any channel

Collaborative workspaces

Microsoft Teams & Zoom integration

Engagement reports

Flexible check-ins with evidence area

Read our education and training e-learning case study

Yellow Room Learning

We helped Yellow Room Learning to benefit from a soft multi-tenancy using Totara Hierarchies and Audiences.

YMCA Awards

Working closely with YMCA Awards, Hubken delivered a Moodle LMS platform that ticked all of their boxes.

Electra Learning

Totara Learn from Hubken provided the winning solution to support Electra's clients using its rich array of functionality.

Distance Learning Centre

Distance Learning Centre are very pleased with their Moodle solution as it continues to supply an ever-growing number of courses online to enable them to maintain a small but highly focused team with low overheads.

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