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Infographic: How can you increase e-learning engagement?

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To get the best out of your learners, you need to ensure that they are engaged and invested in your L&D programmes. This can be difficult to achieve, especially in today's busy world - many learners simply don't have the time to invest in training that doesn't capture their interest or excite them. However, with an e-learning platform, you can make the most of a range of exciting features and functionalities to create a diverse, inspiring, and engaging learning experience. Find out how you can achieve this by reading our handy infographic below.

no links How can you increase  e-learning engagment

How can you increase e-learning engagement?

  • Add social features to create an engaging, collaborative teamwork environment

    Make the most of social features in your e-learning platform. Users can like, share & comment on course content. Create discussion boards where learners can interact with one another to share knowledge and advice. Social features make your e-learning platform a well rounded, engaging VLE.

  • On average, employees have just 24 minutes per week to spend on learning

    Keep learners engaged with short, concise lessons containing only necessary information. Split content into chapters if necessary or consider a microlearning strategy. Here, learners can revisit content and complete lessons when it best suits them.

  • Mobile learning results in a 72% increase in user engagement

    Giving your users the option of accessing your e-learning platform through a mobile device can significantly boost learner engagement - making learning possible anywhere, anytime, and on a familiar device. Optimise your course materials so that they mirror the type of content that users enjoy viewing on their mobile phone.

  • Employees experience a 60% engagement increase with a gamified work experience

    Introducing a gamification element into your e-learning courses is a must if you’re looking to create an engaging learning experience. Including game mechanics in your courses makes learning fun, boosts motivation, and introduces friendly competition.

  • Optimise the design of your e-learning platform to increase engagement

    The design of your e-learning platform is vital to promoting an engaging online learning environment. Make sure it's visually appealing and easy to navigate, with enrolled courses easily accessible to the user. Make the most of customisation options and features such as dashboards.

Increasing engagement with the right platform

Creating a truly engaging e-learning experience means you'll need to make the most of the range of features available with your e-learning platform. To create learning programmes that move beyond the static and mundane lesson formats such as plain text educational documents, you'll want to make the most of the type of features listed in our infographic.

If maintaining an e-learning system that is capable of social features, mobile learning, gamification functionality and intuitive customisation options sounds like a daunting task - don't be fooled! With a modern, robust LMS such as our Totara Learn offering, you can have all of these features and more. 

Ready to create exciting and engaging e-learning content? Get in touch with our friendly LMS experts today to find out more about what is possible with the right e-learning platform!


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