HowToMoodle is delighted to announce its partnership with Blindside Networks, the company that started the BigBlueButton project and a leading international provider of hosting for BigBlueButton.

BigBlueButton  is an extremely popular open source web conferencing system for online learning that complements Moodle  perfectly, providing an easy to use tool for Hubken clients to add real time video, talk, presentations and chat to their courses.

Hubken Group will include web conferencing with all of its hosting plans from November 2016. Hubkenclients will be able to conduct virtual classrooms with webcam sharing, chat, polling and presentation sharing for up to 6 participants at no extra charge. Additional options such as session recording, desktop sharing and additional users can be added, if required, with the “Conference Plus” package.

Speaking on the partnership, Hubken Group's Director Ray Lawrence comments;

An increasing number of our clients have identified the benefits of a web conferencing solution to work with their Moodle site. Our clients will now have the facility to conduct real time training sessions, meetings tutorials and more at no extra cost. Adding a web conferencing session is just like adding any other activity to Moodle.

Frederick Dixon from Blindside Networks comments;

"We are delighted to be working with Hubken to provide their customers with real-time interaction with students. As customers are looking for ways to increase student engagement and retention, this partnership enables Hubken to offer an integrated hosting solution with BigBlueButton that gives instructors the ability to share their audio, video, slides, chat and desktop and to engage students with polling and emojis. Instructors may record the sessions as well for easy viewing later on from within Moodle.

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