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Totara 14 – what’s new in the latest version of Totara

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The Totara version 14 release brings with it some exciting changes to the suite of Totara products, helping you to train, manage and develop your people in the most effective ways possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the key changes and improvements to each of the Totara products. If you’re interested in implementing a Totara system at your organisation, check out our Totara solutions!

Totara products - Totara 14


Totara Talent Experience Platform changes

For the Totara Talent Experience Platform in general, which comprises Learn, Perform and Engage, there are three multitenancy changes to be aware of:

  • Tenant administrators will be able to create audiences within their tenant

  • Tenant-specific settings will be possible for custom themes

  • It will be possible to set default images at tenant level, e.g. for course images

There will also be an update to scheduled reports which will remove instances of blank attachments being sent. Reports that contain no data will not be sent.


Totara Learn changes

Totara’s LMS, Totara Learn, is the first of the Totara products to see updates to notifications as part of Totara 14, and these changes will later be rolled out to the entire TXP.

The notifications changes include:

  • ‘Notifiable events’ will allow notifications triggers

  • Multilingual notification content

  • Email branding for notifications

Other changes specific to Totara Learn include:

  • ‘Force new attempt’ SCORM will offer ‘Always force new attempt’ option

  • The seminar direct enrolment plugin will offer a ‘Declare interest’ option

  • Seminars will include Zoom and Microsoft Teams integrations

  • A new ‘current enrolment status’ column within the course membership report

  • A new column in the assignment report linking to the assignment submission (this will help with reviewing and grading)


Totara Engage changes

Totara Engage, Totara’s LXP product, will see improvements to the recommendations engine, helping promote the most engaging content to users.

Better text processing of content and factoring in user profile information, whether that’s language, country, etc., should help the recommendations engine push more relevant content to users.


Totara Perform changes

Totara’s performance management system, Totara Perform, will feature some new items you can include in your performance activities:

  • Review item: You’ll be able to show, comment on and rate the competencies for a performance activity

  • Response re-display: You’ll be able to re-display questions and responses for a performance activity from either current or other performance activities

  • Response aggregation: You’ll be able to aggregate responses for numeric scales for a performance activity

Competencies will see some positive changes too, including:

  • The option to set competency proficiency levels according to how you were assigned to the competency, e.g. different proficiency levels for direct assignment vs self-assigned

  • Two new competency reports – competencies (which is taken from the competencies export) and competency ratings (which show ratings for users on their relevant competencies)

The last change for Totara Perform is a warning banner to tell administrators when an achievement path is experiencing an error, so you can quickly and easily identify and rectify the issue.


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