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Overcome these 2024 training challenges with powerful compliance training software

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The past several years have had a transformative impact on the working world. From changes in attitudes towards office-based working to the implementation of new AI technology, business leaders are faced with new challenges across all functions of their companies. For compliance leaders, recent years have involved grappling with ever-changing compliance regulations and policies brought forward by a working environment that is rapidly adapting to the times. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top 2024 training challenges that compliance leaders should be focusing on in 2024, along with how to overcome them with powerful compliance training software.


Managing the increasing use of AI tools and technology

2023 was the year that AI tools and technology became highly accessible, with employees and business leaders taking advantage of newly available software to speed up manual processes and boost productivity. However, the rapid adoption of AI tools in the workplace meant many compliance leaders needed to quickly outline appropriate regulations and policies. In 2024, compliance leaders need to ensure that employees are fully aware of how AI tools should be used in a workplace setting, with a clear understanding of the advantages and equally, the risks.

The majority of readily available and free-to-use AI tools are still in their early stages, meaning they pose a number of risks, not least reporting outdated information. Additionally, many users are unaware of the possibility of AI tools sharing confidential data, delivering biased information, and potentially infringing copyrights. With this in mind, compliance leaders should look to provide compliance training on how to use AI tools appropriately and safely, along with ensuring employees are familiar with any associated company policies and procedures.

compliance training software to deliver AI training

Delivering thorough and effective compliance training can be achieved with the help of compliance training software in the form of a learning management system (LMS). An LMS enables administrators to automatically enrol employees in mandatory AI-related training programmes, meaning employees receive a notification and a timeframe in which they are required to complete training. LMS automation technology provides compliance leaders with the tools required to deliver time-sensitive compliance training, ensuring employees are well-versed in AI-related compliances as soon as possible, and mitigating risks associated with the use of new AI tools and technology.

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Adapting to the four-day working week

With changing attitudes towards the traditional five-day, office-based working week and considering the results of recent UK-based trials, it appears that more and more businesses could be adopting the four-day working week format. When People Management shared some key industry insights on this matter, they noted that ‘the transition to a four-day week raises unique compliance and scheduling challenges across different industries’.

Adapting to a new weekly schedule may require some staff members to take on new responsibilities, with the implementation of new staffing models to maintain the same productivity levels, efficiency levels and overall outcomes. To support this, essential compliance training must be carried out to ensure that employees are aware of the competencies and regulations that come with their new responsibilities.

To find gaps in competencies and compliance knowledge, compliance leaders can distribute targeted assessments using an LMS. With compliance training software, assessments can be configured to test specific knowledge and proficiency levels before being distributed to the relevant employees based on their roles and responsibilities. Using LMS reporting technology, the results of these assessments are automatically collated so that compliance teams can gain instant and data-driven insights into who needs prompt compliance training to ensure that all employees are up to date with essential procedures and compliance requirements.

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Mitigating cybersecurity risks with compliance training

Cyber-attacks are on the rise so mitigating cybersecurity risks with the support of compliance training software needs to be a top priority for compliance professionals in 2024. When Raconteur shared some insights into how to provide better cybersecurity training, they stated that ‘courses need to be engaging and use different formats, such as live sessions and interactive modules, while avoiding technical jargon’.

When compared to offline compliance training practices, compliance training software provides compliance teams with the opportunity to deliver engaging, impactful, and interactive training courses that will likely deliver better results. Interactive training content such as scenario-based learning and gamified lessons can help bring compliance training to life, meaning that regardless of the subject matter learners will likely be more engaged and motivated to work their way through training courses.

To ensure that compliance training procedures are in line with the latest cybersecurity regulations, compliance leaders should choose compliance training software with proven security measures in place. As a Cyber Essentials Plus certificate holder, Hubken Group offers peace of mind when it comes to ensuring maximum server and data security. To find out more visit our certifications page.

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mitigating cybersecurity risks with compliance training software


Shrinking compliance training budgets

Compliance training remains an essential practice and is as important as ever, but compliance leaders are faced with shrinking budgets and new challenges. Now more than ever it’s essential for companies to invest in compliance training software that offers a strong ROI and real results.

Investing in an e-learning platform such as an LMS or TXP can maximise efficiency levels across a range of functions within the business, not just compliance training. TXPs in particular serve as an all-in-one system that offers centralised reporting, performance management tools, social features, and powerful training functionality that can serve L&D, HR and compliance purposes.

compliance training software to tackle shrinking budgets

Organisations with multiple sectors, departments and locations can take advantage of a multi-tenant LMS which enables a business to create multiple independent learning environments known as ‘tenants’ within a single extended enterprise LMS. Using an LMS with multi-tenancy eliminates the need for in-person training across various sites within the business, meaning compliance teams can maximise efficiency and ensure that compliance training is carried out within the mandatory time frames.

Compliance training software can also help organisations mitigate risks of non-compliance, saving in compliance-related fines and penalties as a result. With automation technology, notifications and automated reminders, compliance teams no longer need to rely on manual processes to ensure that compliance deadlines are met – reducing the likelihood of human error.

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At Hubken, we understand what is required from your e-learning solution and provider in order to achieve the best compliance outcomes for your organisation. We helped Arriva achieve compliance excellence with our Totara Learn LMS – resulting in them winning Totara’s 2023 Best Compliance Experience Award. Get to know our solutions today by visiting our product pages or get in touch with one of our e-learning experts to book a demo and see our solutions at work.

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