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Top 5 advantages of using SCORM content with your LMS

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Using an LMS to manage and deliver your L&D programmes enables you to take advantage of a wide array of e-learning tools and features. In turn, these tools can be used to enhance learning materials and generate a diverse library of engaging content. One of the most effective forms of learning content is SCORM. Keep reading to find out why you should use SCORM content with your LMS as we run through the top five advantages of using this content format.



What is SCORM?

Before exploring the advantages of SCORM, let’s explore the SCORM meaning and definition.

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model and refers to the industry standard for e-learning course compatibility. SCORM standardises the way e-learning courses are created so that they can be used on any SCORM-compliant LMS platform.

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What is a SCORM package?

A SCORM package is a SCORM file that houses all the data and content in a shareable zip folder that can be easily distributed and integrated with a SCORM-compatible LMS.

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Top 5 benefits of using SCORM content:


Quickly and easily distribute high-quality content

When building a library of e-learning content, admins may rely on their LMS’s content creation tools to develop learning materials. However, as this can be a time-consuming process many L&D teams look to third-party content developers to acquire e-learning content. Commissioning third-party developers to create bespoke learning materials allows organisations to create unique, tailor-made content – but at considerable cost. A less cost-intensive option is to acquire SCORM content.

When acquiring SCORM content from a third-party developer, L&D teams will not only cut development costs but also save time and resources as content doesn’t need to be created by in-house specialists. Once a SCORM package has been acquired, it can be quickly and easily deployed using a SCORM-compliant LMS – reducing downtime and ensuring LMS users always have access to the latest materials that are built to the highest standard.

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Detailed tracking and reporting of learner progress and performance

A significant advantage of using SCORM content is the ability to monitor learner progress and performance through detailed tracking and reporting features. Most SCORM content will have set criteria that determines whether a learner has completed a module or activity and depending on your LMS this can be adjusted to suit the needs of your organisation. For example, LMS admins may wish to set an activity so that learners only complete it once certain conditions are met - such as achieving an 80% score on an assessment.

SCORM package reporting tools

SCORM reporting features allow L&D teams to easily identify how learners are interacting with the content. Reports can provide insights into which learners have completed an activity, how many attempts they took to complete it, their scores or grades, when they last accessed the activity, and much more.

Using an LMS such as Totara Learn, admins can take advantage of the Interactions report which allows them to go into greater detail, looking at how learners performed on individual questions and assessing their answers. With this information, L&D teams are better positioned to provide training support on an individual basis.

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Customisable content and personalisation

Whether acquiring bespoke SCORM content or customisable SCORM packages, L&D teams can create a tailored learning experience to suit specific training requirements and needs. Functionality such as SCORM variables is an effective way to customise and personalise the learning experience by storing and retrieving information about learners and their interactions with content.

When building a library of diverse SCORM content types, learners have more choices around the type of content they would prefer to learn from. Taking their learning styles and preferences into account, L&D admins can assign learning materials that will help learners produce the best outcomes and increase engagement and motivation levels.

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Engage learners with interactive content

One of the biggest advantages of using SCORM is its ability to deliver highly interactive content. Interactive content can easily be created using SCORM-compliant tools or by acquiring from a third party and can significantly increase knowledge retention and engagement levels, and boost learner motivation.

Interactive SCORM content

Examples of interactive SCORM content include interactive e-books and branching scenarios, along with gamified lessons that incorporate game-like elements such as challenges, quizzes, and puzzles. Interactive SCORM content allows organisations to incorporate powerful gamification strategies, such as using reporting tools and analytics to assess completion rates or scores and introduce leaderboards to encourage competition amongst learners.

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Mobile-friendly content and offline learning

Having an L&D programme that is accessible via any device, including mobile phones, can have a significant impact on its success. This can be achieved by implementing a mobile-friendly LMS and using mobile-compatible SCORM packages.

With mobile-friendly SCORM content, learners have more flexibility around when and where they can access L&D content, which results in higher engagement levels, increased completion rates, and stronger LMS ROI. What’s more, SCORM content can be accessed offline when downloaded onto a device. When learners access content offline, their progress will still be recorded meaning they can complete learning anywhere even without internet access, creating better opportunities for L&D and an enhanced learning experience.

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mobile SCORM content


Take advantage of SCORM content by implementing a SCORM-compatible LMS

LMS users can only experience the benefits associated with SCORM content and deploying a high-quality SCORM package with a SCORM-compliant LMS. If your LMS doesn’t support SCORM content or you’re looking for one that allows you to take advantage of SCORM – get in touch with us today and explore our SCORM-compliant LMS options.

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