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6 Reasons Why HR Directors Need an LMS

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For busy HR teams, eLearning might sound like just one more task to add to a never-ending to do list.

You’re busy enough and the Learning and Development team have their hands full getting everyone up to speed with the latest information, so that your operation keeps running smoothly.

So why should you make the time to take on a new LMS project? Isn’t it just another headache?

We disagree. In fact, we believe that implementing a  learning solution could make life a lot easier for you, the learning and development team, and your directors!

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Less booking admin

Let’s talk about scheduling:

  • How much time does your organisation spend on organising training dates?
  • What about rescheduling for staff who couldn’t make the original dates?
  • Do you have any remote team members?
  • How long does it take to schedule travel and accommodation?
  • How much of your training budget is allocated tor covering those costs?

Rather than the hassle of calling in your teams from wherever they are, why not use the technology already at their disposal to deliver the training they need when they need it?

A Learning Management System (LMS) can help you get rid of that admin headache, freeing up your time (and budget!) to spend on other important tasks.


Better training at scale

In-person training is great when organisations are small. But what happens if your organisation grows?

If you take on a lot of new staff – or if your existing staff need to quickly pick up a new skill or compliance – how much time is it going to take for you to push them all through a training programme? And what about the cost?

With our learning solution in place, St. Helens Council was able to achieve 1600 employee certifications within 4 weeks!

Rather than focusing on rooms and trainers and projectors and print-outs, you could just enrol staff on the relevant learning paths and let them get cracking on the training they need.


Improve retention

It’s important to give your people access to consistent training content. That way, you can be confident that everyone will have received standard learning materials appropriate to their role within your organisation.

But unless you have a single trainer who delivers identical material every time, you can’t really be sure that one in-person training experience is going to be the same and as effective as the next.

Participants retain up to 60% of information through eLearning vs. just 10% through face to face training.

With a learning solution in place you can be certain that anyone who enrols on your LMS will receive a consistent training programme. By investing in getting the right solution in place now, you can rest easy when it comes to your whole team having a consistent learning experience every time.


Gamified learners

We’re all familiar with that ‘let me play just one more level’ feeling you get when interacting with a particularly addictive game. We enjoy and can even crave the rewarding feeling of accomplishment, not to mention the shiny badges. It’s only natural to introduce that feeling in Learning and Development!

Gamification is about bringing the strategies and setup of those addicting games to traditionally less engaging content.

Progress bars, completion percentages, and award badges encourage learners to go farther through online training courses.

If you were on a course that labelled you as a ‘starter’, but you knew that completing the next task would get you up to ‘intermediate’ level, you might just be tempted to do that task there and then.

In the real world of training, gamification can be the difference between people dozing off during a long training seminar versus being eager to get back to their desks so that they can get their last training badge before the rest of their team.


Improved reporting and feedback

It’s fairly easy to see if a group of people have attended an in-person training course. But how do you know they retained any of it?

With an LMS, you can track how well your learners are getting through your organisation’s training material.

Perhaps you’ll find out that some training modules are more challenging than others. Or maybe you’ll discover a group of learners who have no problem with anything you throw at them – these could be your team leaders of the future.

Reporting on progress, topic understanding and test scores are all standard functions of a good learning solution. You can also enable them to engage in online discussions or other collaborative activities, to share and evidence their new knowledge.

But, a successful training programme isn’t a one-way street.

Learner feedback can help to improve existing training programmes, as well as contribute to the development of new material. Our clients have seen first-hand the value of using the feedback and reminder tools within their learning solutions.


Easy data handling

Your HR team is busy, and we know that the prospect of adding another system into the mix may sound like a challenge.

We’ll keep this one short and simple –new systems should mean less admin time, not more.

Our solutions easily integrate with all of the most prevalent HR systems, with easy to use features that mean you’ll never have to duplicate existing data.


And so much more!

A good LMS will make things easier for your HR department and offer the most effective training option for a modern workforce.

Here are a few more reasons why a digital learning approach could be right for your people:

Allow for different learning paces: fast learners can steam ahead while others can take the time they need to retain the information.
Save the world: Britain’s Open University found that providing eLearning courses produced 85% less CO2 per student.
Engage the digital age: people have adapted to consuming content digitally, and naturally retain 5 times more material through eLearning.

We know HR teams are responsible for a lot. But introducing a new learning solution won't just reduce the admin drain for your team, it can revolutionise your organisations productivity. And we think that we can help you get there.

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