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Why Totara is the best LMS for training providers

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If you’re a training provider looking to create the best learning experience for your trainees while driving results, then you’ll already know how valuable and necessary a learning management system (LMS) is. The question is, which LMS will yield the best results and tick all the right boxes? With proven success rates, over 20m+ users, and a reputation for being the best among leading training providers, Totara is the ultimate solution for delivering an unrivalled training experience. Find out why as we take a deep dive into some of the features and functionality that make Totara the best LMS for training providers.


What is Totara?

Among Totara’s three core systems is the transformational enterprise learning management system, Totara Learn, which we’ll focus on in this blog. If you’d like to find out more about Totara’s full talent experience platform, the Totara TXP, read our ultimate guide to Totara.

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One of the quickest ways to lose the interest of your trainees is to provide them with a generic, impersonal training experience. Small touches such as including company branding or excluding content that has no relevance to their training requirements can elevate the learning experience, ensuring it feels tailored to their needs.

However, customisation and personalisation can ring alarm bells for training providers with a wide range of clients, often raising concerns about time management and manual processing. Totara’s Learn LMS boasts all the functionality required to deliver a training experience tailored to the end user. Hubken client, The GCA, uses a multitenant Totara LMS to segregate data so that each tenant site has its own private login and dashboard customised to the unique brand of their training audience. This creates a distinct, personalised learning experience for users within each tenant.


Certifications and recertifications

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the training process is providing learners and their managers with proof of training completion. For a singular training task, such as attending a training session, this can easily be certified by simply registering attendance. However, for training providers offering complex, multi-course training with a broad range of subjects, the certification process is a greater undertaking unless using Totara’s Certification functionality.

Admins can create a learning pathway comprised of a set of courses which need to be completed in a specific order. Once learners have met the criteria they will receive notification of certification. Certifications are only valid for a set amount of time, after which learners will be notified of expiry and will be prompted to complete a recertification course. With these tools, Totara supports the long-term use of the training materials and services delivered by a training provider, creating a thorough and continuous cycle of learning.

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Centralised reporting

As any training provider will know, clients or supported organisations will expect results from their training programme, along with suitable evidence. Thanks to Totara’s highly flexible and intuitive reporting tools, admins can create a wide array of custom-built reports to provide insights into how learners are progressing and engaging with the course materials.

Admins can tap into data such as course completion rates and login rates that help build a picture of learner progress at an individual level or organisation-wide level. Totara’s in-depth and centralised reporting tools make it the best LMS for training providers looking to improve and enhance their training materials consistently.

best LMS for training providers in need of reporting



Experiencing a sudden uplift in clients and learners is great for business, but without the right platform to support growth, training providers simply can’t maintain quality whilst catering to a wider audience.

With Totara Learn, training providers can easily scale their operations by adding new courses and learners without added strain on administrative duties and sacrificing training quality. Read our client case study on Electra Learning to see how Totara Learn accommodated a user growth shift from 3,000 to 10,000 users.


Event booking

Blended learning has remained a firm favourite among training providers wishing to take advantage of both face-to-face teaching and online learning. However, using an outdated LMS can prevent these training methods from being delivered in an effective, unified way. With Totara Learn, admins can marry both delivery formats using a centralised platform, utilising the Seminar functionality to manage and track event bookings and attendance.

Hubken client Electra Learning championed this functionality, saying it was ‘a huge timesaver’, enabling their clients to rapidly book 1500 virtual sessions at convenient times quickly - ‘something that would have otherwise been an administrative nightmare!’

best LMS for training providers with blended learning



What’s the best way to assess the efficacy of your training content? Testing your learners. And with Totara, assessments, tests, and exams don’t need to be daunting for learners. Totara Learn assessments can be configured with a range of content types such as multiple-choice quizzes and gamification-style tests that can help dispel nerves and produce better outcomes as a result. Totara is the best LMS for training providers looking to gather evidence of training completion and learner competency quickly and efficiently as admins can simply extract the results of assessments using custom-built reports.

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Easy to use

When starting a new training course, the last thing learners need is to waste time getting to grips with the training platform and trying to figure out how to complete assigned learning. As a user-friendly platform that was built with learners in mind, Totara is the best LMS for training providers looking to cater to learners with a broad range of experience using technology and online learning platforms.

What’s more, our Totara platforms have been enhanced with unique UX modifications designed to make the training process easier, simpler, and more intuitive via an improved UI. With enhancements such as a streamlined and intuitive dashboard, a clean and concise course view area and a polished login experience, users can get on with their learning from the get-go, maximising training ROI as a result.


Totara mobile app

When training content can be accessed on a range of devices, it reduces barriers for learners and creates better opportunities for training completion. However, not all LMSs are flexible enough to cater to a range of devices, so Totara’s Mobile App is an invaluable tool for training providers looking to cater to a wider audience.

With easy access to training, offline learning capabilities, and notifications sent directly to mobile devices, training courses can be accessed anywhere and at any time - a huge selling point for potential training customers looking for a new provider.

best LMS for training providers with mobile learning


eCommerce functionality

With Totara, every part of the training process can be managed within one centralised platform, including eCommerce functionality. With our partnership with Course Merchant, you can quickly and efficiently set up a branded store site where you can sell training courses with instant course enrolments upon completed purchase. And with features such as multiple payment types, bundled product functionality, promotional discounts, and the ability to capture data – the purchasing process is professional, streamlined and with a strong UX can help boost customer loyalty and repeat purchases time and time again.


You’ve found the right platform, now look no further for your provider

As Totara Platinum Alliance experts with experience working with training providers like you, we’re best positioned to help you maximise the potential of your training activities. Get in touch with us today to find out how a Totara LMS from Hubken will deliver the best results and boost the ROI of your e-learning investments.

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