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3 practical AI tools for bespoke e-learning design

Discover how powerful AI software can be used to rapidly create impactful and effective e-learning content 

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Accelerate your course development with AI.

In this exclusive forty minute webinar, Content Developer Ben Reeves shares his extensive knowledge and practical expertise in the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and e-learning.

Alongside Hubken Marketing Manager Darren Bindert, Ben runs through 3 key AI tools (Adobe Photoshop, Midjourney, and Storyline) and demonstrates how to generate content for your courses that will resonate with your learners.

You'll see how to use AI tools to:

✓ Convert text to speech

✓ Create AI-generated characters

✓ Create background scenes using generative AI

Darren Bindert
Darren Bindert, Marketing Manager

"In the dynamic corporate landscape, AI is not merely a tool - it's a strategic partner, guiding organisations through uncharted territories and opening doors to personalised, adaptive, and impactful learning experiences."

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