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Looking for the best LMS for employee onboarding?

An onboarding LMS from Hubken is designed to train and upskill new hires, making it easier to get them up to speed much faster whilst automating and streamlining your HR processes at the same time!

Simplify and streamline employee onboarding

Every new employee, no matter how senior, needs to quickly learn specific information about their role, the company, its processes, its values and culture, their co-workers, health and safety…the list can seem endless, and the number of forms can be enormous.

Nonetheless, onboarding is essential because it’s the first real opportunity that every new hire needs to take after joining the business. Having a powerful learning management system (LMS) can play a vital role in managing, delivering, and measuring the success of your onboarding system and induction training.

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Not only can the right onboarding LMS software streamline the entire experience, but it will also improve results, speed up induction time, encourage engagement, and save a considerable amount of stress for both the training team and new employees.

Inspire productivity from day one with your employee onboarding platform. The right LMS for employee onboarding gets your new hires off to a flying start.

“One of the things that is great about Totara Learn is being able to introduce a bit at a time, rather than a system that shows everything and then is difficult to understand."
Chris Glynn, Digital Learning Business Partner at Nobia UK
“One of the things that is great about Totara Learn is being able to introduce a bit at a time, rather than a system that shows everything and then is difficult to understand."

Chris Glynn

Digital Learning Business Partner at Nobia UK

Your LMS is a powerful bit of employee onboarding software that enables you to create, deliver and track your employee’s digital learning

Onboard people successfully to your organisation

Your onboarding LMS enables more of your new joiners to become productive in less time, saving you money and increasing the quality of their initial work. This provides a powerful base for future performance improvements and higher employee retention

Scale and automate operations

Reduce trainer headcount and deliver vital induction training that meets internal standards and makes a real difference to any number of new hires, across multiple territories.

Win them over from Day One

Onboarding is a significant step in integrating and winning over your new joiners. Using your LMS for onboarding gives new hires a memorable, concise onboarding and induction training experience that covers everything they need to thrive in their new role and is a great way to embed your organisational culture from the outset. 

Enable brilliant content simply

Admins can create and prioritise engaging content that incorporates video, presentations, quizzes, GIFs and much more, to improve knowledge retention and new hires’ performance from the outset, with no specialist technical expertise required.

Publish and automate

Set role-specific training courses that have been designed to deal with the difference in department, managerial, or country-level roles. All at the click of a button. Moreover, localise your content assets in any language required to deploy training to whoever needs it, whenever they need it.

Track results

With your onboarding LMS, you can implement assessments at the end of your onboarding courses, set up workflows to allow learning at an individual’s pace - and access real-time data to see how employees, teams, regions, etc are getting on. 

Surveys tell us the following benefits to getting your onboarding solution right



Great employee onboarding can significantly improve employee retention


The average new hire will be assigned documents to sign, upload, or acknowledge.  They will have over 40 administrative tasks to complete and more than 10 outcomes to achieve around the company culture, market knowledge, and role alignment.



New team member productivity is around 25% during their first 30 days

How to effectively onboard new employees

Have all the right materials
Female employee E-learning on laptop

Create and edit courses for your employees, along with online tests, quizzes and other forms of assessments to help the new staff more easily absorb the onboarding content.  This helps to make our platform the ideal onboarding system.

Male employee preparing LMS

Tailor your induction training programmes by facility, department or branch of your organisation so your new hires are automatically receiving only the learning plans and courses that matter to them, helping to make them feel right at home. 

Employees in conversation

Free up admin time for your staff time by taking advantage of LMS automation features that can automatically assign the right induction training courses to all new hires. This level of automation makes Totara Learn the perfect LMS for onboarding.

Employee online learning

Come for the induction training, stay for the continuous learning. Offering much more than simple employee onboarding software, our onboarding system delivers all types of corporate and compliance training from a single platform.

New to e-learning?

Learning Management Systems

New to e-learning and trying to decide which LMS is right for you? Explore the great features and LMS offers…

Talent Experience Platform

A unified platform bringing together employee learning, employee engagement, collaboration, and performance management.

Employee onboarding FAQs

Why should I use Hubken for my employee onboarding software?

Between our success in implementing either Totara or Moodle LMS around our HubkenCore LMS  platform, we can help you establish an engaging and smooth onboarding process for new employees that helps them provide better customer support, start producing sooner, and reduce costs related to employee turnover from the first day they start.

Can I automate course enrolment?

Yes, HubkenCore's Totara LMS solution allows admins to establish different enrolment rules based on branches and groups to streamline the online course enrolment process. Even sophisticated Compliance training can be seamlessly automated and monitored.

Can I personalise learning plans around specific roles or job functions?

Of course! Totara Learn allows you to create learning plans assigned to individual learners, job functions, office locations, or other groups so that you can offer a tailored onboarding programme for every new joiner. This makes Totara Learn the ideal employee onboarding solution.

Can I track progress and activity?

Tracking and reporting are essential to our platforms and our onboarding LMS reporting functionality gives you all the data you need to measure the success that your training programmes.  

Why should I use Hubken for employee onboarding?

We have been providing easy-to-use, engaging web-based training software for nearly 20 years now, giving you the peace of mind that we can set your employees up for success from day one. Committed to quality and driven by innovation, we can provide dedicated training tutorials, tips and tricks to help LMS administrators get up to speed on-demand.

Switching to a new LMS is easy with Hubken. We can provide assistance with data migration, client-side development, and implementation.

Discover the power of our onboarding LMS solutions

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