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Create, manage, deliver, and track training with ease to provide a seamless learning experience for your employees, customers, and partners. Because great training is key to great success.

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Everything you need in an LMS

e-learning software

Hosting and unlimited support

LMS software upgrades included

Integrated SaaS
e-learning solution

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How HubkenCore works

Our HubkenCore package is a simple, streamlined way to invest in an e-learning solution, a carefully crafted bundle with all the elements you need to deliver the best LMS experience for your team and learners.

On top of your chosen Totara or Moodle LMS, HubkenCore packages together all the features and services you need for a powerful, intuitive, comprehensive fully hosted LMS solution.

Easy to use, 100% cloud-based, and competitively priced - ready to tackle any of your learning challenges.

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What’s included as standard?

Our straightforward out-of-the-box e-learning solution is a cloud-based SaaS LMS ideal for those learning and development teams looking for a cost-effective enterprise-grade LMS designed to empower learners and deliver amazing learning experiences. 

This simple and straightforward approach doesn’t mean basic! Our HubkenCore packages are comprehensive, offering all the key services and tools you need to implement a successful e-learning programme and come with many great extras exclusive to Hubken.

The E-learning System
The e-learning system

Totara or Moodle learning solutions with future software upgrades included as standard

Hosting and unlimited support
Secure hosting

Serious security and 100GB storage

unlimited LMS support
Unlimited support

In-house e-learning expertise to tackle all your queries

Branded store

Easy personalisation and branding features


Quick deployment and integration

Free Upgrades
Video Training Library

Tutorials on how to do everything in our subscription

Instant course enrolment
Advanced training tracking

Track and measure learner progress, compliance, and much more with our intuitive and robust reporting features

Totara Learn & Perform
HubkenCore Hub

A centralised Admin Hub that enables site admins to manage their site much more easily and intuitively

Ready to go?

Check out our pricing and chat with an e-learning expert about how Hubken can deliver your business's L&D objectives.

Ready to go?

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Full list of features


Totara or Moodle LMS e-learning solution

Of course, the main thing that comes with HubkenCore is the e-learning system. Whether it’s a Totara or Moodle LMS that you're after, HubkenCore gives you all the features that come with your chosen Totara or Moodle software. And included with your HubkenCore package are future Totara or Moodle software upgrades.  No more paying for expensive product upgrades.

UK-based cloud hosting

Our secure, reliable UK-based cloud hosting gives you the peace of mind that everything is taken care of in the background, leaving you to focus on your users. Our hosting plans come with 100GB of storage as standard, including support, backup, optimised server environments, and of course, state-of-the-art security.

Registered user bands

A broad range of user-bands to ensure that you only pay for those learners who are actively taking training or viewing and sharing content.  And this gives you the flexibility to scale up or down the number of users, as needed to meet your ever changing business requirements.

Unlimited product support

An important part of our service is the unlimited support we offer to administrators and course creators. There’s no paying by the hour or capped monthly limits – with HubkenCore, you can get as much help as you need.

Comprehensive training

With 5 online sessions included, we’re here to ensure that you and your team understand how the system works and help you get the most out of it.  We can help you map out and implement your LMS so that it delivers the best results with minimal effort from you. All of our training sessions are recorded so that you can refer back to them whenever you need to. You can also choose to get our specialist implementation team to set up and configure the system to work just as you want it to. We can facilitate data imports too if necessary.

The Hubken Video Library

The Hubken Video Library is full of useful 'how-to' videos that will help you with lots of the FAQs you might have about your new system. As part of your HubkenCore bundle, you’ll get unlimited access to this video library, including any updates and new videos that are continually being added.

Branded look and feel

We will also brand your system for you, ensuring your brand guidelines are translated to your new system. Moreover, you also have full access to make any tweaks and updates that may be required throughout your subscription.

Progress tracking

A Hubken exclusive tool designed to help you boost engagement and keep your users on track. Our progress tracker tool is an invaluable feature that clearly visualises an individual’s course progress, including individual modules. And the easy to visualise graphical view allows users to quickly check the progress of a course and its sections in an instant.

Site analytics and statistics

Visualise data using our powerful analytics dashboard that provides valuable insights into how your users are engaging with the LMS. See live data such as the number of active users, concurrency, file and database usage – giving administrators instant visibility to analyse usage trends.  This empowers you to plan, forecast and make informed decisions about how to optimise your LMS investment.

Advanced admin options

We’ve also developed a number of helpful and time-saving admin tools such as the ability to globally enable or disable emails without having to request and wait for a response.

Plug-in management tool

This exciting new tool allows administrators to take control when installing or removing plugins to their LMS solution. The HubkenCore Plugin Manager gives you complete control over this service - no more submitting and waiting for tickets to be actioned. Moreover, the Plugin Manager provides a full list of compatible Hubken-approved plugins, which is growing all the time.

Powerful administrator central management hub

We’ve made managing the site much easier by providing a ‘one-stop shop’ centralised hub that enables site admins to access the key management areas of their platform from one place, including the ability to submit support tickets, access to ‘how-to’s and to see hints and advice, new product offerings, service updates.


eCommerce integrations

We have eCommerce integration options for both Moodle and Totara, with automatic course enrolment for customers - reducing admin time and leaving you plenty of time to check your sales reports.  These add-ons enable you to create a seamless, branded experience that matches your website or e-learning system.  Moreover, the eCommerce marketing options allow you to upsell and cross-sell products and courses and allow for multiple payment options, from credit and debit card to invoice, and the ability to automatically enrol them onto courses upon purchase completion.


From back-office platforms to advanced reporting tools, all of our Totara and Moodle systems are fully flexible to be integrated with a range of external third-party software. Depending on your needs, we may already have the right solution for you or if not we can scope and build a custom integration to help you to future-proof your in-house systems, increase functionality and reduce administration time, cost and effort.

Online sessions

Hubken’s online sessions offer you the bespoke, one-time guidance that you’re looking for to help get over whatever hurdle you or your team is facing. All sessions are led by a qualified Hubken Implementation Specialist who knows both the system and how best to use it, ensuring that your LMS is moving you towards your business goals. Sessions are also recorded so that you and your team can review them afterwards.

Single sign-on

Hubken's SSO add-on solves the challenge of having to remember and manage multiple passwords, enabling users to use the same login for multiple existing systems for a simplified login process.

Testing environments

We can provide you with a powerful, safe and secure clone of your LMS so that you can run realistic simulations and simplify time-consuming and risky validation testing without impacting your live site or active users. Whether it’s introducing a new programme of courses that you want to pilot before a wider launch, adding performance-enhancing workflows or trialling new automation, at Hubken we can provide you with a clone of your system, giving you a safe and secure testing environment.

Full training packages

For more intensive, bespoke training requirements, we offer a full training package, designed by our in-house experts, combining all the live online training sessions you need for either Totara or Moodle and comes with an on-demand library of video resources.

Bespoke e-learning content

Looking for bespoke e-learning content? Our talented e-learning content developer can create tailored courses that deliver a lasting impact and incredible results - for upskilling, onboarding and personal development.

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Talent Experience

Totara Learn can be integrated with Totara Engage and the all-new Totara Perform to create Hubken's Totara Talent Experience Platform. An all-encompassing learning and development solution.

"We didn't want to just have a platform that was webinar-based where people only came and watched – we wanted people to come and interact with their learning – not just to passively absorb materials. And Hubken delivered."

CVS Group

Peter Dunn
“Hubken knew what they were talking about and only said ‘yes’ when they meant ‘yes’ – there were no empty promises.”

Mountain Healthcare

Debs Woodcraft
“It’s also good to know that we can always reach out to Hubken when we require assistance in upgrading / adding new functionality to our LMS.”

The Salvation Army

Andy Heath
"We didn't want to just have a platform that was webinar-based where people only came and watched – we wanted people to come and interact with their learning – not just to passively absorb materials. And Hubken delivered,"
Peter Nunn, Head of eLearning at CVS Group
“Hubken knew what they were talking about and only said ‘yes’ when they meant ‘yes’ – there were no empty promises.”
Debs Woodcraft at Mountain Healthcare

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