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Infographic: What are the advantages of acquiring bespoke e-learning content?

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There are several key considerations when looking to achieve L&D excellence, including finding the perfect e-learning platform, developing a robust strategy that aligns with wider goals and objectives, and of course, delivering impactful content and learning materials. When it comes to building a library of impressive resources, L&D teams can choose to make their own content using functionality such as LMS course creation tools, acquire off-the-shelf content from a third-party service provider, or commission bespoke content from a developer. So why opt for the latter? Keep reading to find out as we discuss why many organisations seek out bespoke content by exploring five key advantages.

advantes of bespoke e-learning content


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Deliver interactive training content

Creating e-learning content in-house can be an attractive option with benefits such as cutting upfront costs. However, this approach can be restrictive when it comes to the type of content that can be produced. Without the expertise of an experienced content developer, organisations may be limited to passive content types such as simple text, images or videos resulting in a linear and less impactful learning experience. When organisations acquire bespoke content from a developer, they can explore highly interactive content that is likely to produce better results when compared with less sophisticated, passive content.

E-learning content with interactivity encourages learners to play an active role in the learning process, resulting in higher engagement levels. Content types such as branching scenarios, gamified lessons and VR simulations are made up of complex interactivity software and are best produced by an expert developer. Including these content types can help L&D teams – for example building a gamification strategy has been proven to increase employee engagement by 60%.

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Tailoring the learning experience

When seeking out more sophisticated e-learning content, such as the type of interactive content discussed above, many organisations will look at purchasing off-the-shelf content that has been developed by a third-party creator. Although this type of content delivers a level of interactivity and complexity that isn’t easy to achieve when producing content in-house, it often lacks the personalisation and relevancy that comes with internally developed content. To get the best of both worlds, bespoke e-learning content can be designed with both criteria in mind.

When working with a developer, L&D teams have better control over important elements such as making sure the language and tone are consistent with company culture or ensuring that the objectives of each course or lesson are aligned with wider company goals. As a result, learners benefit from sophisticated and impactful content types that feel like an extension of the company or organisation they are a part of.

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Better chance of knowledge retention

When organisations acquire bespoke e-learning content they are also better positioned to customise learning materials so that they suit the exact learning requirements of their learners. L&D team members involved in the development of bespoke content can identify elements such as learning preferences, styles, and preferred content types that are popular within the organisation and relay this to the developer so that they can tailor content with these considerations in mind. As a result, there is a better chance of knowledge retention as lessons, courses, and assessments are moulded around what learners need in order to achieve better outcomes.

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Highly engaging e-learning content

For many businesses, subject matter such as health and safety training and compliance training will be mandatory practices. Although vital, it can be difficult to hold the attention of learners due to the subject matter. To counteract this training content needs to be engaging, so working with a developer who understands the best way to transform tedious training exercises into something enjoyable and entertaining is crucial.

When we chatted with our talented e-learning content developer, Ben Reeves, he noted that “bespoke content can elevate learning from a mundane process to a more special and memorable one, in turn providing measurable improvements in engagement and outcomes.”

Find out more about what Ben had to say about bespoke e-learning content by reading our full interview.

Highly engaging e-learning content


Acquiring bespoke e-learning content requires an upfront cost, however over time it can be significantly more cost-effective when compared to purchasing off-the-shelf content or producing it in-house. Working with a developer means there’s no need to spend time and resources on creating content internally or hiring in-house content experts long term.

Bespoke e-learning content provides organisations with the assurance that they are consistently delivering quality L&D materials that can be quickly deployed once created. This content offers long-term value and often has a much longer shelf life than off-the-shelf content because it is tailored to suit the L&D requirements of the organisation. What’s more, as bespoke content is designed with its target audience in mind, it produces better results and learning outcomes when compared to other options – resulting in a higher ROI.

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Want to know more about bespoke e-learning courses and content?

If you’re ready to elevate your L&D resources and training materials, now is the time to explore bespoke e-learning content. If you’d like to find out more about its many benefits read our interview with content developer Ben Reeves. Or, if you’d like to explore the additional benefits of bespoke e-learning content in greater detail, watch our Transform Your Training webinar. In this webinar, Ben Reeves will provide a wider context around bespoke content, offer advice on conceptualising resources, along with exploring the challenges and benefits of this content type.

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