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Activities in Moodle

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Activities in Moodle can sometimes be confused with courses.

An activity is actually a group of features that learners can use as part of a course. They allow a learner to contribute, for example by doing a quiz or by posting in a forum.

To make things nice an easy, Hubken have put together a list of activities in Moodle and a brief description to give you further context. We hope you find it useful!


What are activities in Moodle?

The standard version of Moodle includes 14 types of activity as follows:

Assignments Allows students to submit their work in different formats to a teacher for grading. The grading itself can be structured differently e.g. percentages or graded scales.
Chat To allow learners within the same course to have real-time chats, sharing their views on their learning and helping each other.
Choice This is a great function to gather learner views on your courses. Use radio buttons to gather invaluable feedback.
Database This function allows for the building of a repository of information on any given topic that may be in the form of text, images, files, URLs and more.
Feedback This is similar to the Survey function below but here you can write your own questions to get feedback on your teachers and/or courses.
Forum A place for ideas in which comments can be posted in threads. Unlike the chat function above learners do not have to be online simultaneously.
Glossary You guessed it. Once this is set-up by teachers learners can create their own definitions creating a dictionary which other leaners can benefit from.
H5P Activity H5P is a free content authoring plugin which enables you to create interactive learning content in the form of quizzes, videos, games and much more. Learn more here.
Lesson Teachers can create ‘branching’ exercises which directs learners to specific pages of text or other depending on their responses.
(LTI) External Tool If, like some Hubken clients, you have learning content held outside of Moodle this tool allows you to link it into Moodle rather than students having to log into another system or platform.
Quiz This flexible and powerful activity enables you to assess learner knowledge using anything from a simple multiple-choice question to a complex self-assessment quiz.
SCORM SCORM is a facility allowing learning content which is created or used in different learning platforms to be shared between them. Think of it as a common language that Moodle understands.
Survey This activity offers a number of instruments which teachers can use to assess the views of learners on content and teaching. Note that this activity can’t be customised. Where customisation is needed the Feedback activity may provide a better option.
Wiki Enable collaboration in Moodle with the wiki activity where contributors can build spaces for shared learning resources. Private wikis can also be created.
Workshop This is a peer assessment activity. Teachers create the workshop, setting a grading structure and learners can then make submissions which can be assessed by peers at the close of a submission phase.


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