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Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP)

Unlock the full potential of your people with Totara Learn, Perform and Engage

A powerful and flexible set of e-learning tools

The full suite of Totara products, known as the Totara Talent Experience Platform, brings together three systems to help you revolutionise the way you train, manage and develop your people – Totara Learn LMS, Totara Engage LXP and Totara Perform.

Totara Learn is at the core of the TXP suite, which can then be flexibly extended with either Totara Engage, Totara Perform or both to form a unified talent experience platform.

Combined, they provide all the critically important employee experience management tools you need to put you at the forefront of modern e-learning and development.

Read more about the Totara TXP in our ultimate guide to Totara.

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Totara Learn LMS

Totara Learn is our most powerful and comprehensive LMS and the best e-learning platform to help you solve even the most complex learning and development challenges, simply. Its rich functionally enables you to deliver training that is aligned with your learners’ roles, training needs and objectives.

  • Build skills and competency frameworks
  • Save time with automated, rule-based allocation
  • Gain detailed insights with custom-built reports

Totara Engage LXP

Totara Engage is an easy-to-use learning experience platform that presents a range of new possibilities to transform the way your audiences learn. It enables social, collaborative, user-driven informal learning to be seamlessly integrated into every day to unite your workforce and support high performance.

  • Creates a truly personalised learning experience
  • Is driven by the user, is more continuous, fluid and social
  • Encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration

Totara Perform

Totara Perform is a continuous performance management system that empowers you to manage organisational and personal goals, manage skill competencies, deliver performance activities and support a transition from current practice to best practice. Boost your workplace productivity, anytime, anywhere.

  • Align staff around a common set of objectives and goals
  • Give feedback and identify professional development needs
  • Increase engagement and improve workplace productivity 
"We saved £90k compared to an off-the-shelf alternative, and we now have more functionality and flexibility than before. Hubken's Totara Solution is worth its weight in gold"

Robert Sidley

Holland & Barrett

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