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The business-enhancing benefits of using an LMS with single sign-on

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Many businesses and organisations rely on SSO as a crucial component in delivering comprehensive, varied, and efficient L&D programmes. However, there are many that are unaware of the significant benefits of using the SSO function alongside an LMS brings. If you’re exploring SSO options for your LMS or you’re looking for an LMS that can support SSO – keep reading to find out more about what SSO is and the business-enhancing benefits of using an LMS with SSO support.

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What is SSO?

SSO stands for Single Sign-On.

Most of us will have a number of login credentials for various platforms and applications, spanning across social media platforms, email accounts, online shopping apps and more. When logging into these platforms, we’re forced to remember any number of usernames and passwords to gain access. Having multiple logins doesn’t present significant issues when it comes to personal use but in a workplace or educational setting this can cause problems in a number of ways. Typically, employees may utilise multiple applications every day in order to perform their job role; however, logging in to multiple platforms can cause login fatigue and slow down productivity. With SSO, users can log into multiple platforms with a single username and password – removing the need for multiple credentials/passwords. This means they will only have to log in once via their company network, saving a great deal of time and effort.


Why do LMS users need SSO?

Many L&D managers will choose to enrich the learning experience for users by integrating their learning management system (LMS) with other third-party platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and LinkedIn Learning – allowing teachers and students to benefit from additional services and powerful tools. However, incorporating the use of other platforms requires users to have additional logins for each platform; this is where SSO can transform the learning experience. With SSO, users can gain access to the entire library of e-learning platforms with one set of login credentials, giving them easy, efficient access to the entire e-learning eco-system.


Benefits of SSO for an LMS

Reduces log in fatigue

When completing diverse, comprehensive learning programmes, learners are likely to dip in and out of various third-party platforms in addition to their LMS and L&D admins may do the same, accessing content creation platforms or third-party reporting software. Having to log in to platforms can hinder progress and interrupt the flow of learning – particularly if passwords have been forgotten. With SSO support, multi-platform access and the learning process are streamlined.

When new starters are going through the onboarding process, they may have to create and remember a whole host of new login credentials. A recent study indicated that 37% of employees say that the onboarding process at their current job was time-consuming and confusing due to logging in to new work-related accounts. A business using an LMS with SSO to deliver onboarding programmes reduces the risk of log-in fatigue for new starters.


Less admin support required

Issues with login details or lost passwords are common pain points for IT departments and L&D administrators as employees turn to them for login support. For larger companies, supporting staff who are having issues accessing their accounts can take up a great deal of time. However, SSO reduces the risk of lost or forgotten passwords as there is only one for employees to remember. SSO functionality also makes it easier for support teams to change login details if required. If an employee leaves a company, administrators can immediately revoke their login access without needing to enter a number of platforms – ensuring quick and efficient data protection.


Reduces the risk of missing deadlines

Within the HR and L&D functions, there are many initiatives or activities that will be dictated by a set time frame or deadlines. For example, compliance training often needs to be completed by a certain time or an induction period may be confined to 3 weeks meaning induction training needs to be completed within that time. When employees are completing these training exercises, one of the biggest contributors to time theft is the amount of time wasted on logging in to various training platforms or forgetting login credentials. SSO speeds up the training process resulting in a lower risk of missing important L&D-related deadlines and reducing the chance of creating costly regulatory compliance mistakes - making single-sign-on support absolutely worth the investment.


Enhanced security

Effective use of SSO reduces the chance of credentials to be compromised as users are only logging in once or twice a day at most, via a single platform. Vendors providing single –sign-on will have advanced data security measures meaning these credentials will be stored in one fortified ‘location’.

When it comes to password security, using single sign-on enables admins to easily manage password strength, changes in passwords, expiry dates, monitoring failed log in attempts etc. If a user’s login details for one platform have been compromised, administrators can quickly change multiple passwords – mitigating the risk of other compromised platforms. This security enhancement, combined with the significant time saving aspect SSO delivers, means a strong ROI from a SSO investment is guaranteed.


Ready to enhance the learner experience with SSO?

Adding SSO functionality to your LMS or finding an LMS provider who can provide SSO will have a positive impact on the learner experience and has the potential to transform your L&D programme. From improving the efficiency of completing a learning programme that relies on multiple platforms to protecting a company from costly data leaks, SSO support is certainly worth investing in.

Hubken’s SSO add-on offers users of LMS platforms peace of mind and the promise of better time management and effective e-learning programmes. Want to find out more about our services? Visit our HubkenCore page or get in touch with one of our LMS experts today.


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