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Revolutionising corporate training: the evolution of AI in Learning and Development

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In the busy corporate landscape, where boardrooms echo with strategic discussions around productivity, costs, and innovation, an increasingly vocal force is beginning to reshape the way professionals learn and grow. Imagine a workplace where training is not just a mandatory process but a personalised journey; where Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as the silent architect behind each employee's developmental voyage. This is the dawn of a new era in which AI and e-learning join forces to redefine the landscape of Learning and Development. 


Crunching the numbers: AI's surge in corporate training 

Before we delve into the transformative world of AI in corporate learning, let's skim through a few of the numbers. Reports by Deloitte indicate that 94% of business leaders surveyed agree that AI is critical to their success over the next five years.  The allure of driving this success can be seen in the surge in the global market for AI in corporate training, expected to reach $9.3 billion by 2031, according to Allied Market Research. 

Numbers aside, what fuels this surge is the data-driven precision that AI brings to corporate training programmes. Learning platforms powered by AI will be able to analyse vast datasets to understand employee skills, preferences, and performance metrics. This not only opens the door for highly personalised learning experiences but also facilitates predictive analytics for strategic talent development. Free guides e-learning

Navigating the learning landscape: the power and impact of generative AI 

Picture a virtual mentor walking alongside each employee, tailoring the learning journey to their evolving needs. This is the promise of Generative AI in corporate learning and development. Industry leaders like IBM and Microsoft are already leveraging AI to create adaptive learning paths, making training programs more engaging and effective. 

Generative AI tools, such as OpenAI's GPT opened the floodgates by crafting content for corporate training modules. These tools can generate realistic and contextually relevant scenarios, enhancing the authenticity of training materials. In a world where one-size-fits-all solutions fall short, Generative AI paves the way for dynamic, individualised corporate learning experiences. 

Blog new images (22)AI has functionality useful to virtually all corporate markets - and e-learning is no different


In the studio: AI tools shaping the future of corporate learning design 

Beyond content creation, AI's influence extends into the artistic realm of corporate learning design. Consider Photoshop, the digital artist's toolkit. Adobe reports that Photoshop's AI-driven features, such as Generative Fill, empower designers to create visually stunning training materials, captivating the attention of modern learners. 

Midjourney, a leading eLearning authoring tool is also finding its place in the corporate training arena. With AI-driven features like responsive design using natural language prompts, tools like Midjourney facilitate the creation of interactive and dynamic content that can be tailored to resonate with the fast-paced learning preferences of professionals. 

Text to speech is another transformative technology that uses AI to convert written text into incredibly lifelike spoken words. AI is truly taking over this space, making voices sound more natural and is being used to create effective avatars, chatbot interfaces, multi-lingual training, and to provide increased accessibility to training.  Chat GPT webinar

Closing the chapter: ethical considerations and the future of AI in corporate learning 

Along with the clear benefits that AI can bring to the e-learning sector, it’s also crucial to address ethical considerations. The potential for data privacy breaches, algorithmic biases, and concerns about the dehumanisation of training processes should not be overlooked. Indeed, Deloitte's report on AI in corporate learning emphasises the need for ethical frameworks to ensure that the advantages of AI are harnessed responsibly as we move forward. 

AI tools like those mentioned above have unlocked a new arsenal that can be readily implemented in e-learning platforms. If you’re looking at exploring these in greater detail, in our webinar 3 Practical AI Tools for Bespoke E-learning Design, we dive into 3 popular and promising use cases for AI tools, that can transform online learning. 

In the dynamic corporate landscape, AI is not merely a tool - it's a strategic partner, guiding organisations through uncharted territories and opening doors to personalised, adaptive, and impactful learning experiences.  

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