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Transform your Training with Custom E-learning Course Development

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Join Ben Reeves and Darren Bindert to learn more about what custom e-learning course development is and how it can be implemented within your L&D strategy to maximum effect. 

Leveraging Ben’s years of experience in developing highly engaging bespoke e-learning content, learn how your organisation can benefit from custom e-learning course development and how tailoring custom courses to fit the needs of your learners and organisation can significantly impact your learning culture. Key topics covered include:

  • The primary advantages of custom e-learning course development
  • How best to come up with concepts and designs
  • Key processes and techniques to increase engagement
ben reeves
Ben Reeves, E-learning Content Developer

"From the look and feel of the visuals and the writing style, to highly interactive gamification with branching outcomes, variable difficulty and more – when done properly, bespoke content will pay for itself through higher quality and targeted output and better outcomes.”

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