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LMS functionality: Blended learning

Seamlessly schedule and deliver virtual and face-to-face learning

Manage virtual and face-to-face learning in one place

Blended learning brings together all the best elements of learning and organises them within a centralised platform.

While the benefits of e-learning over traditional learning are many, face-to-face learning still plays an important part in any organisation's L&D programme. To truly maximise the potential of both learning forms, it's well worth investing in an LMS with the facility to curate, manage, and schedule virtual and face-to-face learning in one place. 

An LMS solution that offers blended learning functionality, such as Totara Learn, has been designed to harness all aspects of training an organisation may choose to deliver. For example, Totara Learn's Seminar function provides a booking system for scheduling in-person or video training events. Each event within a seminar activity can be customised with details such as training room location, start and finish time, cost, capacity, and more. These events can be set to run over multiple days or allow for unscheduled and wait-listed events. Crucially, learners can view and sign-up for seminar events via the LMS, with their attendance tracked and recorded. 

The platform can also deliver multiple learning approaches thanks to its versatility, collaborative features, and SCORM compliance. 

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The benefits of an LMS that delivers blended learning functionality

Manage face-to-face learning

Manage face-to-face learning

Schedule face-to-face learning - whether in person or via video - from your central learning hub with the Seminar feature.

Unite offline and virtual learning

Unite offline and virtual learning

Bring offline training into your e-learning programme with notifications, attendance tracking, and mandatory requirements.

Make learning engaging

Make learning engaging

Mix offline and virtual learning to better effect, alongside gamified lessons, quizzes, collaborative forums and more.

Reward offline participation

Reward offline participation

Use certifications and badges to reward face-to-face event attendance - bringing it inline with virtual training courses.

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