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Simple and secure way to sell your eLearning courses

Your customers visit your online shop, select the course(s) they wish to buy, add them to their shopping cart and pay through your selected payment processor.
You have an array of options to promote and sell courses.
eCommerce For Totara Learn - PayForCourses

Make money while you sleep and remove admin chores!

PayForCourses enables you to present your courses for sale, with all the options you’d expect, to monetise your LMS. The solution integrates with Totara Learn, producing automatic account creation and course enrolment for customers - reducing admin time and leaving you plenty of time to check your sales reports.

Our package allows you to create a seamlessly branded experience, to match your website or LMS, and comes with many eCommerce marketing options which allow you to upsell and cross sell products with coupons or in bundles. 

Customers can access your shop from their desktop or mobile device and pay using major credit and debit cards as well as by bank transfer. Plus, they can help build your reputation with reviews and ratings.

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Explore the key features of PayForCourses...

Sell single courses or bundles of courses

Array of options to promote and sell courses

Sales for multiple participants

Your customers buy now and enrol their colleagues later.  

Totara Learn integration 

Totara Learn account creation and course enrolment is simple and automated.

Promote your products

Coupons, sales, discounted bundles, upsell and cross sell. 

Seamless branding available 

We'll brand your online shop so it matches your website or LMS.

Extensive reports

Orders (Data, products, category), coupons by date, customer downloads, customers and taxes. 

eCommerce For Totara Learn - PayForCourses

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