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E-learning and LMSs for employee development

Engage. Excite. Enhance. Foster and build a culture of growth

Dynamically upskill your teams and take employee training programs in your organisation to an exciting new level.

Today’s most progressive companies recognise that employee training is rapidly becoming an important company benefit. Training is now perceived as a more compelling factor to join an organisation even than salary, making it critical to invest in your employee’s development. Continuous learning not only helps your employees perform better day-to-day, but it also enables them to build a long-term career path.

Today’s SaaS LMS solutions can deliver a learning experience that reinforces the best qualities of your organisation while offering hugely flexible and beneficial employee training plans. Mobility, automation, integration, and remarkably easy-to-use interfaces – they offer the perfect employee training management platforms for today’s on-the-go professionals who expect training to be quick, relevant, and easy to access from any place and any device.  

Investing in the right LMS is a cost-effective way to provide employee training, tracking, and reporting -  efficiently and consistently.  But it also gives your employees a greater degree of ownership over their own learning needs, generating a stronger level of employee engagement and loyalty as they feel that the business is invested in them and is helping with their professional development. 

"The availability of social functionality (such as Forums, Chat and Wiki) within Moodle allows the organisation to generate feedback, discussions and for use internally for its mandatory training requirements."
Princess Alice Hospice
Princess Alice Hospice - Moodle-2
"The availability of social functionality (such as Forums, Chat and Wiki) within Moodle allows the organisation to generate feedback, discussions and for use internally for its mandatory training requirements."

Princess Alice


Benefits of using a Learning Management System
for employee training

Improve the employee experience

Hubken’s fully hosted LMS SaaS offering gives you a platform to create personal learning paths and development programs.  Personalise and automate onboarding for new hires, and tailor ongoing training courses to promote continuous learning specific to an individual’s role and or team within your organisation.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Customer training can increase customer loyalty and contribute to a more positive customer experience. Additionally, customers are likely to be more open to cross-sell and upsell opportunities, translating to increased revenue, as happy customers are more likely to renew their contract or choose your services again.


Automate repetitive tasks and remove the hassle of daily admin tasks by easily automating repeatable tasks like assigning programs and assignments.  With a HubkenCore LMS solution, delivery is made simple, enabling the right courses to be automatically assigned to the right employees.

Track development goals

A full suite of analytical and reporting tools can enable you to monitor employee progress at every stage.  LMS automation means that reports can be sent directly to any inbox or imported to your HR system.  Customised dashboards can immediately reveal course assignments and completions. Measure the impact your employee training programs are having and improve those that need aren’t having the needed effectiveness.

Scalability and flexibility

HubkenCore gives you a hosted LMS solution that scales to large numbers of users and offers limitless flexibility in how the learning program is managed and delivered. With Hubken, you can deploy separate but centrally managed training programs for different departments, regional markets, or target audiences. The perfect LMS solution for organisations of any size and complexity of their continuous education programs.

Build a learning culture

Your LMS needs to be able to foster a collaborative learning environment with e-Learning, peer-to-peer learning and coaching to create an organisation-wide atmosphere of continuous employee improvement. From forums to gamification, from social media shares to surveys, our learner-first SaaS platform means your employees will always be motivated to grow and learn.

Surveys tell us that employee training and
engagement has never been more important



of millennials believe learning and development in the workplace is important.



of millennials claim development opportunities are extremely important when deciding whether to apply for a position.



of employees want their training to be personalised and relevant.

How your LMS can support the learning process

Cost-effective, rapid upskilling
Team working collaboratively

Traditionally, a significant amount of L&D expenditure is spent on onboarding new employees and upskilling existing ones.  Until recently, these processes were typically conducted face-to-face, with multiple overheads and significant amounts of work time.  But in today’s post-pandemic ‘new normal’ this process is no longer practical, convenient, or cost-effective.  

E-Learning can significantly improve not only the costs but also result in more passionate, empowered and motivated employees. 

Consistent learning
Happy female employee giving training using LMS

One of the clearest benefits of online learning is the consistency it provides for all of your employees. For many large organisations with employees widely dispersed across the UK, Europe or even the globe, a lack of consistency in training is a big problem.  Face-to-face learning means that each instructor will have their own unique way of delivering training, their own personality and biases, further complicated by different languages. 

This isn’t a problem with eLearning, as the exact same programme is rolled out across your entire learner cohort - regardless of their physical location. And a good LMS can even deal with issues of translation, being able to offer the training in multiple languages.

No more Powerpoint
Happy male conducting online training on tablet

For many, traditional face-to-face learning has meant dealing with PowerPoint slides and less than engaging content.  But e-learning doesn’t have to be like this – today, digital learning can be engaging, interactive, collaborative and even blended with other forms of off or online training. So much more than slides – webinars, videos, virtual training sessions, games, quizzes are all part of today’s online learning experience.

Employee Career Growth
Happy manager providing employee with guidance

Upskilling and reskilling is the key to employee growth and loyalty.  Having potential career paths outlined helps attract and retain talented employees. They will be more interested and engaged from the start if they know there are options for movement and growth within your company. 

A modern learning platform designed to make learning simple, fast and effective.  Your LMS can connect learning with performance to develop high-performance teams, aligns an individual’s objectives with organisational and team goals, and gives you the ability to track progress and reward success.

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LMS Employee Development and Training FAQs

How does using an LMS lower the costs of employee training?

Investing in a leading LMS offers quite a few compelling ways to reduce the spend and trouble that you incur with face-to-face training.  Specific tangible savings can be found by needing fewer trainers, eliminating venue and logistic costs, minimising administrative time, employee away time.  Furthermore, you also have the ability to track and monitor the effectiveness of the training. 

Can I get access to external e-learning content to augment my own through HubkenCore?

Yes, we work with a variety of content providers so you can quickly upload content onto your HubkenCore LMS solution.  L&D admin can provide their learners with access to external content sources, purchasing directly from providers such as Go1 or LinkedIn Learning.

Do you support Single Sign-On?

Yes, we can offer SSO and authentication to enable the necessary integrations.

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