Moodle Reporting

For all your learning analytics and reporting needs

Ensure that you have all the engagement, progress and achievement data to fully track compliance, learner activity, course completion and competency.
We’ve partnered with IntelliBoard to provide additional smart, on-demand reporting features for our Moodle solutions, to help you achieve your learning goals, objectives and ROI.

Deliver all of your LMS data to one, simple place that is right for you!

Moodle reporting with IntelliBoard unlocks learner behaviour and completion insights across the site into one secure location - making it shareable, understandable and attractive.

IntelliBoard’s smart analysis transforms your data into an impactful visual dashboard, with multiple reports, analytics and notifications, that provide vital insights into your training and development effectiveness. Dashboards are embedded within Moodle for trainers and learners and there’s a dedicated portal for power users.

Site managers can review learner progress quickly and easily, plus focus on areas important to your organisation, such as completion, retention, traffic, revenue, and many more.

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Key benefits of Moodle reporting with IntelliBoard...

  • Review learner progress quickly with scheduled reporting
  • Create a personalised dashboard, with real-time access
  • Compare course performance across time and trainer
  • Compare individual learners
  • Analyse activity completion and engagement
  • Set and schedule reporting notifications
  • Track trainer engagement
  • Inform every area of the educational process
  • Create better assessments and identify trends
Moodle reporting with IntelliBoard. For all your learning analytics and reporting needs - HowToMoodle

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