Option 3: Getting the best of both worlds

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We've already looked at the pros and cons of both building your own system and buying a ready-made one.

Building an LMS gives you full control and customisation – but it's a huge investment, and it needs continual upgrades. And buying an LMS means a fast, reliable, and affordable way to get started – but the options are limited, and the structure is rigid.

But there is an option that combines all the positives while avoiding the negatives.

And it's choosing a managed, open-source Learning Management System.

What's an open-source Learning Management System? - Hubken Group

What's an open-source Learning Management System?

Open-source is a type of software where anyone can view or change the 'source code' behind the software. Meaning you can take a product (like Totara Learn or Moodle) – and customise the way it looks and works to fit your exact needs.

So what does that have to do with our 'build or buy' dilemma?

A managed open-source LMS gives you the best of both worlds – the flexibility of a customisable system, and the stability of a trusted expert to help you manage your new software.

Open-source eLearning platform - Hubken Group

With a managed open-source e-learning platform, you can get:

  • All of the customisation and branding you'd get from building your own LMS (without the hefty price tag)
  • The security and reliability of an off-the-shelf LMS (with a global community of developers constantly improving the open-source software)
  • Full control over your upgrades (just like a self-built system)
  • The same easy access and fast time-to-market of a ready-made LMS
  • And ongoing support and maintenance from an experienced expert (something that's missing from both).

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What do you get with a Hubken learning solution? - Hubken Group

What do you get with a Hubken learning solution?

We've been helping businesses of all sizes move towards cloud-based Learning Management Systems for over fifteen years – from national high-street chains like Holland & Barrett to government services like Stockport Council and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

We're not here to sell you an off-the-shelf product – and we're not here to build you an LMS and leave you high and dry.

We're here as your partners to help you to a successful LMS launch – and beyond.

Learning solution - Hubken Group

With a learning solution from us here at Hubken, you'll get:

  • An open-source Learning Management System (with a team of developers to help you improve and customise it)
  • Full LMS hosting and support (with an ISO 9001 certified hosting environment)
  • A customised LMS with a fully branded learning experience
  • The LMS training and development your teams need to see success
  • And access to our partner network of ready-made learning content, the GO1 Marketplace.

Get a better understanding of the journey ahead (and how to get prepared) with our 5-step 'Get Started' Guide.


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