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Totara TXP - the Moodle Workplace alternative that goes further

Discover why our Moodle Workplace LMS alternative – the Totara TXP – is a far superior workplace LMS solution

Why settle for an average workplace e-learning solution?

Totara TXP workplace alternative

While Moodle might have its own enterprise workplace LMS, Totara’s award-winning TXP is an integrated learning platform made for business.   

Totara’s TXP gives you a flexible enterprise learning management platform that combines the best features of a Moodle LMS with the advanced tools you need for true workplace learning. 

Whether you’re looking at a slick new employee onboarding process, a streamlined employee development system, or a comprehensive compliance management system that saves time and drives performance, Totara’s TXP is the superior workplace solution. 

Totara’s TXP (talent experience platform) unites three innovative solutions in a single streamlined package. In addition to the LMS element (Totara Learn), the TXP features a powerful performance management system (Perform) and a learner experience platform (Engage). Working seamlessly together to manage all aspects of your organisation's L&D strategy, the Totara TXP provides the ultimate, fully scalable workplace LMS 

✓ Comprehensive functionality: Unlike Moodle Workplace, Totara offers powerful reporting, compliance audit trails, extensive automation and personalisation, gamification, blended learning, multilingual, virtually every use case

✓ Highly configurable & scalable: Gives you maximum control of your L&D environment, whatever the size.

✓ Endless integration possibilities: Seamless connection with other systems and workflows to streamline learning.

✓ Cost-effective and made for business

✓ Trusted by millions of users around the world

Don't settle for an average workplace LMS - talk to us today to begin your Totara TXP journey – an LMS built for business. 

“Our LMS from Hubken not only meets the demands of our organisation today but also has the adaptability and scalability to support Arriva for years to come. 

Robert Waggot

Arriva Business Applications Team Lead
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“From the first contact, everything was straightforward. The design team listened carefully to our requirements and came back with the design straight away” 

Yellow Room Learning

What you can expect from a Totara TXP solution with Hubken

A streamlined enterprise solution

Bringing together your e-learning, professional development, and social engagement systems in one place, our Totara TXP package makes enterprise management simple. Say goodbye to separate platforms and disparate/incompatible data  - with our enterprise workplace solution all dashboards, data, and reports can be easily accessed and managed from one place. 

L&D delivered at scale

With full multi-tenancy functionality, the Totara TXP can scale across departments, brands, and even external user groups. Deep customisation options makes tenant differentiation possible, with full branding options, variable permissions, specified content, and accessibility control across all user groups. What's more, all tenants can be managed centrally for consistency.

Comprehensive reporting

Unlike other workplace solutions, the Totara TXP benefits from comprehensive reporting tools which provide unparalleled levels of detail. With fully adjustable reporting dashboards featuring a range of visual styles and customisation options across all three systems, building a complete L&D overview has never been easier.

Enhanced training and development

With an exclusively optimised UX, reminders and notifications, easy-to-use dashboards, mobile compatibility and much, much more, our Totara TXP is primed to engage your learners for the best results. Whether setting pathways for professional development or delivering compliance training at scale, our TXP delivers.

Customer Success Stories – Read how our clients are using Totara to onboard, train, and develop their employees

Delivering impressive compliance training results

We worked with Arriva to deploy a company-wide e-learning and compliance training platform - delivering exceptional learner usage results and winning a Totara award for compliance

Boosting in-store knowledge retention

Health & Wellness retailer Holland & Barrett chose Hubken to boost in-store knowledge retention and save £90k a year

Transforming LMS effectiveness

BlueLight Commercial came to Hubken to revitalise its existing LMS and take advantage of our powerful Totara TXP solution - tripling the number of LMS users in 12 months 



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