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3. Why choose a Hubken Totara Solution?

Totara Platinum Alliance Partners

We hope the last section provided with you with a clear insight into the power of Totara Learn. But why choose Hubken’s Totara Learn solution?

Expert support for small and large organisations

Expert support for small and large organisations

We love open-source software as it is available freely and offers flexibility. However, many organisations have neither the resources nor expertise to use an open-source learning platform like Totara Learn to anywhere near its full potential which is why so many work with a Totara Learn partner like Hubken Group.

Managing an open-source platform without expert support can be overwhelming for small and large organisations alike. There is plenty think about, for example:

  • Hosting and support
  • User training
  • System integrations
  • Applying updates
  • LMS customisation and installing plug-ins
Achieve your e-learning goals.

When you have hundreds or even thousands of learners relying on your LMS for their training you need the peace of mind that comes with expert support.

Hubken are Totara Platinum Alliance Partners. We know the platform inside out, allowing you to realise the benefits of open-source software without the drawbacks – we’ll implement, train your teams and provide a myriad of ongoing support functions at a lower cost than you’d pay for alternative closed-source solutions.

We’re enablers, taking care of everything you need to get up and running and to build from there to achieve your e-learning goals.


6 reasons to choose Hubken Group...

If you’ve done your research and think Totara Learn could be right for your organisation, here’s what Hubken can deliver to make it happen:

We’re people people

1. We’re people people

The best e-learning projects are built on true rapport, understanding and trust. This is the foundation of our partnerships with our clients. We’ll listen to your needs and work as a team to provide you with the transparent options and prices you need to make the right decision for your organisation.

2. We’re experts

If you decide to go ahead Hubken will take care of the technical aspects of implementation, hosting, site maintenance, training and a whole lot more. We’re Totara Platinum Alliance Partners and know the platform inside out, making it work for your organisation’s needs.

We’ll brand your LMS

3. We add value

In taking some or all your learning online Hubken can enable you to realise real value in the way you train your staff, customers or members. Less time and effort to deliver clear learning outcomes. That’s the power of Hubken’s Totara Learn solution.

4. We’ll brand your LMS

In order to get the best out of your learners their online learning experience needs to feel familiar. Hubken’s branding solutions enable you to adapt the look at feel of the LMS to fit your brand. You can even create sub-brands for different subsidiaries or departments that have their own branding.

Sell your courses

5. Sell your courses

Some Hubken clients use their Totara Learn solution as a profitable revenue stream, selling courses to their customers who may be other organisations or individuals. Hubken can help you set-up a smooth and automated sales channel.

6. Website analytics

Hubken can help you to unlock the powerful reporting potential of Totara Learn. No matter how complex your needs we’ll help you present key data in simple, accessible dashboards.

7. System integrations

Some Hubken clients have other internal systems for the purpose of HR, finance, project management and so on that they need to integrate with their Totara LMS. We have the knowledge to make it happen. Hubken’s Single Sign On (SSO) also enables users to log onto multiple platforms with the same credentials.

Feel that Totara could be the right solution? Hubken's mission is to make eLearning accessible to all so whether you are new to e-learning or experts yourself we can help you take your learning programmes to the next level.