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1. What is Hubken’s Totara Solution?

 Totara Platinum Alliance Partners

The Hubken Totara Learn solution is our most powerful and flexible LMS, a comprehensive learning platform that can help you solve the most complex learning and development challenges. It delivers a learning experience of great depth and richness, while putting control at the fingertips of training managers.

Hubken are Totara Platinum Alliance Partners with years of experience in providing clients with the tools and support to achieve outstanding e-learning results with Totara Learn.

Who uses Totara Learn?

Who uses Totara Learn?

The simple answer is any organisation that needs a powerful and flexible LMS to deliver eLearning programmes to remote learners. However, Totara Learn is specifically designed for the requirements of the corporate world, industry and vocational training. Over the past decade organisations from the world of finance, government, healthcare, retail, charity and transport and many more have benefited from using the platform, sometimes delivering training to hundreds of thousands of users.

Hubken partner with clients as diverse as Home Bargains, St Helen’s Council, Arriva London, The Salvation Army and many more to deliver outstanding e-learning programmes through Totara Learn.

Why use open-source?

Why use open-source?

Totara Learn is one of the world’s most trusted open-source LMS platforms.

Since Hubken Group was founded back in 2004 we’ve focused on implementing open source learning solutions to organisations large and small because of the compelling benefits that open-source enables for our clients.

Hubken’s Totara Solution combines the flexibility and cost effectiveness of an open-source LMS with a full-range of support services. This managed open-source solution offers a best of both worlds approach to your e-learning programme.


5 advantages of Hubken’s managed open-source solution...

1. Implementation and Support

1. Expert set-up and ongoing support

Hubken’s expert implementation team make the job of getting you up and running with your new LMS easy, giving you the tools to create online and blended learning programmes that deliver results. We’ll also look after all important LMS hosting delivering a super reliable cloud-based service with 99.9% uptime.

Crucially, and unlike many closed source ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions you won’t be on your own when you have purchased the LMS. Hubken offer ongoing support to ensure you have a reliable and fit for purpose LMS now and in the future. When you have hundreds or thousands of learners relying on your LMS that brings real peace of mind that you wouldn’t get without a Totara Partner like Hubken Group.

2. Lower Cost

2. Lower Cost

You’ll often hear the term free when looking at open-source software but that is best understood in terms of freedom from constraints. Unless you have a team of experienced developers and e-learning professionals in-house you’ll need Hubken’s support with things like:

  • Downloading and installing your site
  • Providing reliable hosting and ongoing technical support
  • Delivering ready-made content solutions
  • Training your site managers
  • Setting-up and developing video conferencing facilities
  • Configuring your LMS to meet specific needs and training site managers
  • Site upgrades to ensure you always have the latest Totara features
  • Integrating your LMS with other in-house systems (if needed)

It’s this added value that brings the power of Totara to life. Reassuringly Hubken’s solution will cost a fraction of a comparative closed source, proprietary solution.

3. Training

3. System training from experts

In order to unlock the full potential of Totara Learn all you need is a little knowledge and confidence. Unlike many other LMS solutions in working with Hubken you can take advantage of our flexible training which includes:

  • Live online sessions – our expert training team will give you the practical skills to unlock the power of Totara Learn.
  • On-demand video library – need a simple answer to a ‘how-to’ question? Our Totara Learn video library provides the answers.
  • Recorded training – our online training sessions can be recorded so you can return to anything it covered when you need a refresher.
  • Times to suit you – book your training sessions at a time to suit you and receive the training right where you are. It couldn’t be more convenient.

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4. Stay Up-to-date

4. Stay up-to-date

The world of online learning moves fast with Totara continually evolving to provide a richer, more flexible and user-friendly way to create, deliver and measure e-learning programmes.

Hubken knows Totara learn inside out and work closely with Totara to ensure that we can bring your updates to the LMS, ensuring you have a modern platform and the knowledge to get the most from it. You’ll also be able to feedback on your experience of using Totara Learn, giving you a say in the future direction of the online learning platform.

We work in partnership with our clients – it’s about giving you the tools to deliver great learning programmes for the long-term.

5. LMS Customisation and Integration

5. LMS Customisation and Integration

One of the biggest benefits of open-source software is that it’s customisable. Unlike off-the-shelf, closed source solutions Hubken can customise Totara Learn to fit the needs of your organisation. Our clients have many different needs, some are focused on training their own employees, whereas others sell courses.

Many of our clients also have other in-house systems such as HR or finance platforms for example that they need to integrate with their Totara LMS. We can help you do that and with Hubken’s single sign on (SSO) you can prevent log-in fatigue by giving users a single way to log-in to multiple in-house systems.


Want an 'on-brand' LMS?

Your learners will be far more engaged when the look and feel of their learning platform matches that of their company brand. After all, familiarity makes people feel at home.

Unlike most off-the-shelf LMS solutions Hubken's branding services allow you to align your Totara Learn LMS with both your lead brand as well as any sub-brands you may have.


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So that’s what Hubken’s Totara solution is and some of the benefits that some with it. Next we delve into what you can do with Totara Learn.