What Types of Training Can Be Delivered with An LMS?


Hubken clients use our Totara and Moodle LMS solutions in a myriad of different ways, managing many different forms of learning for difference audiences.

Here are some of the most common uses and applications for your Hubken Solution:

1. Compliance Training - Hubken Group

1. Compliance Training

Is compliance with statutory and regulatory frameworks vital for your organisation? Perhaps you need to ensure staff are compliant with health and safety or data protection for example? If so, you'll recognise the pressure not only to ensure the right people achieve compliance but to be able to show they have achieved it.

Staying on-top of your compliance can be time-consuming, manual and costly and the consequences of not managing this well can be serious.

The right LMS can automate your processes, assigning the right courses to the right people at the right time and providing reports that prove compliance at any level e.g. by job function, department, location etc.

2. Continuing Professional Development - Hubken Group

2. Continuing Professional Development

Effective continuing professional development (CPD) is an important requirement in most organisations. Many Hubken Group clients deliver CPD training externally, for example enabling specialist practitioners to achieve or revalidate a license to practice. Whether you are delivering courses to internal staff or external members Hubken's LMS solutions provide powerful tools to distribute, administer and accurately monitor CPD performance, saving both time and money vs traditional training methods.

Hubken's Totara Learn solution enables Stockport Council to work efficiently in supporting many external organisations to deliver CPD training for educators across their borough, often using blended learning that combines face-to-face with online learning.

3. Competency Management and Training - Hubken Group

3. Competency Management and Training

A competency-based training approach equips employees with the knowledge and understanding they need to do their job well. While there may be some core competencies that all staff need there may be many others that only groups or even individuals need. Combine this with the issue of staff being based at multiple sites or working at different times and a conventional face-to-face approach to training becomes difficult to administer and deliver.

With Hubken's flexible LMS solutions you get the tools you need to make the complex easy to manage. Manage your training in a fraction of the time and without the effort required with more traditional approaches to competency-based training. Powerful automation takes care of the administration and monitoring so you can focus on developing your team.

4. Onboarding - Learning For New Starters - Hubken Group

4. Onboarding - Learning For New Starters

One of the biggest challenges when hiring new staff is ensuring they receive appropriate training at the right time and tracking their training outcomes. This can present challenges in any organisation but especially those with a workforce spread across multiple sites, or with home-based workers.

Hubken client Nobia UK needed to implement a structured LMS based on-boarding programme for the company's field-based employees to instil important competencies in new employees as soon as possible.

Thanks to Hubken's Totara Learn solution they benefit from reduced time to competency, improved staff retention rates and equipped more of their staff than ever with the ability to do their job to the highest standards.

5. eLearning for Membership Organisations - Hubken Group

5. eLearning for Membership Organisations

If you are a membership organisation and provide training services to your members in the form of CPD courses, certifications, accreditations or other forms of online professional training Hubken’s LMS solutions can enable to you achieve your eLearning objectives.

Our membership organisation clients tell us they offer a wide variety of course content to multiple groups across wide geographical areas, which can present a complex organisational challenge.

If you need to deliver eLearning at scale or schedule live training events, our solutions help you deliver stress free value and service to both members and internal stakeholders.

6. LMS System Integrations - Hubken Group

6. LMS System Integrations

If you have multiple in-house systems and need the integrate your LMS with them Hubken have the know-how to help you achieve your aims. Hubken's Single Sign-On (SSO) solution enables your online learning to be integrated into your existing ecosystem of connected services, reducing user login fatigue.

Hubken's development integration team have the experience and skills to integrate your LMS with existing essential platforms e.g. CRM, HR, finance, payroll and project management etc. Our integrations ensure that data is shared consistently and without manual intervention so that your records are always reliable and up to date. We have experience integrating with Salesforce, HubSpot, iTrent, Workday, SAP, Gold-Vision, Accelo, Xero and many more.

7. eCommerce - Sell and Distribute Training - Hubken Group

7. eCommerce - Sell and Distribute Training

If you sell training courses to your customers Hubken's LMS eCommerce solution has the potential to transform the way you do business.

Hubken eCommerce integrates with your LMS so your customers can start their courses straight after their purchase, without any admin by you. Your customers visit your online shop, select the course(s) they wish to buy, add them to their shopping cart and pay through your selected payment processor.

Empower your customers to learn at a time and place of their choosing, whilst providing yourself with a valuable, scalable revenue stream. Hubken works with clients including Coeliac UK, Thrive and Amplity Health enabling them to sell their learning content.

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