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Hubken's Referral Reward Programme

Terms and conditions

The referral programme enables team members of an existing Hubken customer to refer a new organisation to Hubken and receive a reward if the new organisation receives a sales demonstration.


Terms and conditions   

  • When you refer a New Organisation to us, you must provide the following information: 

    • Principal contact’s name 

    • Phone number 

    • Email address 

    • Job title  

    • Organisation name 

  • We will make contact with the principal contact to establish if the New Organisation is a Qualified Referral. 

  • If the New Organisation is a Qualified Referral, we will engage further with the aim of providing a Sales Demonstration. 

  • When a Sales Demonstration has taken place Hubken will send you or your chosen charity a Reward within 7 working days. 

  • No alternatives are offered for Rewards. 

  • It is your responsibility to satisfy your obligations under the Bribery Act or any related requirements of your employer. 

  • We may withdraw this referral programme at any time, without notice. 

  • We may decline to offer a Sales Demonstration if the New Organisation is not a Qualified Referral. 

  • Whether the requirements of a Qualified Referral or Sales Demonstration are met is decided at our sole discretion. 

  • We may amend the panels of retailers or charities without notice. 

  • Retail Vouchers that expire are forfeited by you. 

  • Charitable Donations are made directly by us and are not eligible for Gift Aid. 

  • Any Hubken services procured by the New Organisation are subject to our Terms of Business. 



  • Hubken, we, our, us: Hubken Group Ltd.

  • You, your: A person making a referral under the terms of the Hubken Group Referral Programme. 

  • New Organisation: An organisation referred by you that is: 

    • Not a current Hubken customer 

    • A division, department, branch or similar sub-section of a current Hubken customer organisation that is not currently paying Hubken for recurring services. 

  • Reward: Either a: 

    • Retail Voucher: A voucher for a single retailer that you choose from a panel of retailers pre-selected by us; or 

    • Charitable Donation: A donation to a single charity that you choose from a panel of charities pre-selected by us. 

  • Qualified Referral: Where the New Organisation has sufficient access to budget, a need that can benefit from a Hubken services solution, anticipates procuring services similar to those offered by Hubken within 12 months of the date of the referral and the New Organisation representative(s) have authority to proceed to a purchase of services. 

  • Sales Demonstration: A system demonstration which has been preceded by open discussions between us and the New Organisation’s representative(s) and is attended by New Organisation personnel actively involved in the procurement process. 

  • Terms of Business: Our terms of business at

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