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LGBT Youth Scotland

Scotland the best place for LGBT young people to grow up

Direct support to LGBT young people

Firstly, they deliver direct support to LGBT young people through youth groups, which provide a safe space to meet new friends, gain support and take part in informal learning on a variety of topics. This is supplemented by one-to-one support, as well as a live chat on their website and email and text support.

Secondly, they deliver training to other organisations across all sectors, as well as specifically to schools, through their LGBT Charter programme. This focuses on training, policies, practice and inclusivity and involves pupils in the processes to create supportive environments for LGBT young people in education.

LGBT Youth Scotland - Moodle
"Covid meant we had to stop delivering face-to-face training to volunteers, and stop delivering the LGBT Charter programme, so we knew we had to move things online quickly,"

LGBT Youth Scotland

Jane Griffin

The challenge

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, LGBT Youth Scotland were developing a digital programme with the help of JPMorgan Chase’s Force for Good.

They wanted to develop an online community in order to reach the more isolated LGBTI young people across Scotland’s remote communities, but Covid accelerated their timeline.

Bringing all of their services online presented many challenges. They had discussions about whether e-learning could ever be equal in value to in-person sessions, and settled on two key goals:

  1. Create an online community space to deliver in-person sessions during the pandemic.
  2. Deliver informal learning online.

They wanted the informal learning, which included things like mental health support and resilience, as well as life and work skills, to be associated with the community space but also accessible at any time. It also needed to work as a means to deliver training to volunteers and LGBT Charter clients.

Why Hubken?

Given their key needs – a cost-effective solution with good tech support – Hubken’s Moodle LMS solution stood out to LGBT Youth Scotland, who valued the flexibility of the solution and the lack of obligatory add-ons and extra fees.

Other suppliers that the organisation spoke to offered expensive, and often unnecessary, added services, as well as limited support hours. Hubken’s solutions included unlimited tech support as standard.

"We’ve asked Hubken a variety of questions and we’ve had replies straight away, even to the smallest of queries. The team are really helpful and we’ve had longer chats about functionality and what we can do. The support has been easy to access and it’s been really useful," said Jane.

They also found Hubken’s value add services, such as LMS design and branding, to be flexible, which allowed them to do things themselves, with everything else made easy.

The solution

LGBT Solution

Partnered with Hubken, LGBT Youth Scotland created a Moodle platform split into three sections:

  1. A community space for young people named Pride & Pixels.
  2. A staff and volunteer section.
  3. The LGBT Charter section.

Organised in this way and with Hubken’s support, the solution allowed them to:

  • Bring all their services online.
  • Transition the volunteer induction process, Youth Work Ready, to modular online learning, including live discussions.
  • Deliver the LGBT Charter programme online, allowing larger numbers to access the learning whenever suited them.
  • Partner with Go1 to offer a wide range of learning content for young people.
  • Create content in line with the familial nature of the charity using techniques such as gamification. Fun content such as quizzes and videos that don’t require scoring and testing is one of LGBT Youth Scotland’s fundamental principles.
  • Report on results in order to help secure funding, whether at a national level or even course-level competencies used to build specific learning pathways for individual LGBTI young people.

The results

LGBT Youth Scotland’s primary focus since launching their LMS services has been training volunteers and delivering their LGBT Charter programme to schools, and they will continue to provide safe spaces online for LGBT young people.

Some of the things they have already achieved include:


Delivering training to 400 people.


Training three cohorts of new volunteers.


Reaching LGBT young people in even the most isolated areas of Scotland.

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