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2. How does Totara work?

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In this section, we’ll explore the main ways you can use Totara Learn which may help you to stimulate your ideas for achieving your e-learning goals. 


1. Learning and Delivery

Totara Learn has a wide range of content creation and management features, enabling you to create online, offline and blended course content online. Depending on your learners needs and your internal resource you may choose to your own internally produced content or purchase externally authored content. Both are made easy with Hubken’s Totara Learn solution.

5 ways to create learning content in Totara Learn

5 ways to create learning content in Totara Learn

  1. Use Totara Learn’s drag and drop functionality up upload resources including documents, images, audio and video files.
  2. Allow users to create and develop their own wikis, blogs and discussion forums.
  3. Web pages, links and course instructions can be quickly and easily added using the fully featured editing tool.
  4. Trainers can create adapting and branching lesson activities and build searchable glossaries and databases.
  5. Quizzes, polls and assignments can be added to a course for assessment of existing knowledge or evaluation of new skills.

With a Totara Learn solution from Hubken Group, you’ll get access to a wide range of rich and interactive HTML5 content tools such as interactive video, presentations, games, image hotspots, branching video and 360 virtual tours.


Need off-the-shelf content for Totara?

If you need high-quality, ready to go learning content Hubken partner with GO1 who have a huge content marketplace for you to choose from. With courses covering everything from Health and Safety to IT skills we’re sure you’ll find content relevant to your learners needs.

Needless to say, GO1 content will seamlessly integrate with Totara Learn.


Need off-the-shelf content for Totara?

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2. Instructor Led Training (ILT)

If like many Hubken clients, you plan to use a blended learning approach Totara Learn enables you to manage a range of face-to-face learning events from internal classroom sessions to external workshops. Using Totara Learn, you can quickly and efficiently schedule events and view all upcoming training sessions with the dedicated dashboards making event planning easier than ever.

2. Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Self-service options – give your learners self-service or workflow-based course booking options enabling them to find and choose courses and sessions and manage their booking directly in a user-friendly way.
  • Diarise events – once booked, event details can be saved to a learner’s (and their manager’s) calendar using the iCal standard for Outlook, Google and a range of other calendar systems.
  • Assess demand for events – learners can declare interest in attending a session where there are none currently available or a known date for the event, enabling learning and development teams to assess demand.
  • Flexible ways to book – Totara Learn enables email-based booking requests and two-stage approval, re-booking based on previous attendance status, manual booking and pre-booked reservations for team members.
Track attendance
  • Manage your training resources – The inbuilt room management functionality allows administrators to create predefined rooms or venues with address, capacity and equipment information as well as preventing double booking of training spaces. You can even log items such as laptops or projectors along with trainer availability in Totara Learn to ensure you have the available resource to run your events.
  • Track attendance – Trainers and administrators can mark attendance at training events individually, in bulk or via a customisable signup sheet. With both small and large events easily managed within Totara Learn, attendance can be tracked and counted towards the professional development of your learners. Sessions which are fully booked can employ a wait-listing system, so any cancelled bookings can be offered to other learners on a basis you choose.

3. Assessment and achievement

Totara Learn has a range of functions to ensure you can assess learner performance, from a powerful inbuilt quiz engine to more formal assignment submissions that give you choices in how you assess progress. You can also load assessments developed with popular third-party authoring tools and send scores and completion information to a central course gradebook.

Issue branded certificates and Open Badges

Manage Formal Assignments

If you plan to use submission-based assignments to assess learner progress both on and offline assignments can be managed and graded in Totara Learn and you can include:

  • Customisable submission requirements such as word or file limits
  • Completion deadlines and limits on numbers of attempts
  • Workflows and guidelines around marking and final grades

Issue branded certificates and Open Badges

While it’s essential that you can track learner progress it’s also important to reward learners. With Open Badges integration, Totara Learn enables you to reward a user for completing an activity, a course or a program, automatically issuing learners with visible, shareable badges. The certificate generator allows you to upload your organisation’s own logos, authorising signatures and watermarks to create on-brand certificates. Learners can download or print their fully personalised certificates and share them with peers and managers alike.

Use quizzes to engage learners and track progress

Use quizzes to engage learners and track progress

Remember that getting the best learning outcomes depends on having engaged learners who enjoy the process of learning. Totara Learn features a sophisticated quiz builder where managers can create predefined or randomly generated quizzes pulled from question banks, with automated grading. The tool offers a range of question types including:

  • Multiple-choice or True/false
  • Free-text answer
  • Drag and drop
  • Deferred or instant feedback and certainty-based marking

Quizzes also feature a variety of automated workflows including customisable feedback based on responses, time and attempt limits and pass/fail tracking. Alongside the quiz builder, detailed reporting offers training managers an insight into learner scores and answers, allowing trend analysis across individuals, groups or entire quizzes.


4. Training and Organisational Compliance

Many Hubken clients operate in highly regulated or safety-critical environments where compliance is a legal and regulatory requirement. The ability to determine compliance criteria and maintain a clear and accurate audit trail often essential.

Schedule daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports

Totara Learn offers a range of tools to assign the correct learning programs to the right people, automate recertification reminders and generate comprehensive reports on completions and non-compliance. Here are a few of the ways this can work:

  • Use in-depth reporting to track which staff have passed and completed assessments and compliance training.
  • Generate reports on individuals that haven’t yet completed their compliance and mandatory learning and engage with their managers to ensure their training is prioritised.
  • Schedule daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports on compulsory and compliance training completions and gaps, which can be emailed straight to learning managers.
Empower your learners

Manage complex training programmes easily

You may be delivering a mixture of mandatory and optional learning across a range of different subjects such as onboarding, health and safety or management. Totara Learn provides powerful tool to enable you to organise even the most complex programmes.

Empower your learners

It’s not only course administrators who have key information at their fingertips. Learners themselves have a personalised list of all past and future offline learning events and all completed and active online courses, competencies, programs and learning objectives enabling them to manage and understand their own learning schedules. Managers can access a staff member’s learning record for a quick overview of their learning progress to further support them in their ongoing development.

6 ways to manage your training with Totara Learn

6 ways to manage your training with Totara Learn

  1. You can create single or multi-course customised learning pathways from an online, offline and blended course catalogue.
  2. Include a range of options around completion order, mandatory versus optional courses and prerequisites.
  3. Personalise, preconfigure and automate messages for both learners and managers while proactively managing completion reminders and notifications.
  4. Create customised certification paths and different recertification pathways to ensure ongoing compliance with Totara Learn certifications.
  5. Automate tracking of certification expirations and alert learners and managers to upcoming training needs.
  6. Assign programs and certifications automatically by job assignment, position, organisation, audience, management hierarchy or to specific individuals.

Once you have set-up your learning pathways let Totara automatically manage what would otherwise be a complex and time-consuming exercise.


5. User Management using Hierarchies

Totara Learn uses hierarchies enabling you to set the platform up in a way that best represents the structure of your organisation. Learning can be mapped to suit individual roles, management levels, departments and teams. You can then track and evaluate learning against any individual or team you choose.

5 ways to manage teams of learners with Totara Learn

5 ways to manage teams of learners with Totara Learn

  1. Use dashboards to view progress – create dashboards, customised to each team, to display up-to-date information about learner activity. Analyse performance at a team level or click through to access individual plans.
  2. Personalise task and update notifications – tasks are used to advise managers of any things they need to action such as approving or rejecting event attendance requests for example. Alerts can be used to update managers about important actions such as an overdue recertification.
  3. Help to drive professional development – Managers can take a hands-on approach to their team’s learning and development by creating, updating, deleting and approving learning plans coupled with the ability to add new courses, competencies, comments and objectives for learners.
  4. Enrol users onto relevant courses – audience management ensures learners are automatically enrolled into the courses, programs and certifications that match their current learning and development, with an option to make some mandatory.
  5. Assign access to specific development tools – with the Audience function you can assign groups specific learning plan templates or goals and customise a learner’s development and objectives based on their role.

6. Reporting Tools

Reporting is a key feature of Totara Learn thanks to its powerful, flexible, custom report builder. Ensure you have a complete picture of usage, progress and achievement across your organisation. Totara includes the ability to customise dashboards to give selected users quick access to key information.

Totara Learn reports can be set up in many ways

Totara Learn reports can be set up in many ways

  • Create and share custom-made reports from scratch or modify a set of pre-built reports to their specific reporting requirements.
  • Display data in your preferred form including column, pie, area, scatter, line and horizontal bar displays, to make information accessible and appealing to a range of audiences.
  • Data displayed within a report can be automatically filtered by the viewer’s position and/or organisation, by reporting lines or by audience membership, so a single report can show only information that is relevant to each individual.
  • The report builder also provides customised search filters to let users drill down into data and enables viewers to export reports to a variety of formats including .csv, .xls and .pdf.
  • Access to reports can be assigned to specific user roles within the system and reports automatically sent to nominated individuals or groups on a predefined schedule, ensuring the right people see the right information, at the right time.

One of the most important advantages of powerful reporting tools is the ability for managers to identify and support learners where needed. Activity and course participation reports reveal how learners are interacting with the course material and provides valuable information around user navigation and activity trends.

Totara Learn offers many different possibilities. Whatever your needs Hubken Group can help to shape the platform to suit them.