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Hubken's e-learning glossary: Multitenancy

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Multitenancy is a form of software architecture in which a single instance of software can effectively serve multiple separate user groups.


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In e-learning, multitenancy means that a cloud-based LMS client can manage and sustain multiple distinct tenants (groups of users) - all accessing the same base LMS product but with differentiated pages and content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why might an organisation use multitenancy?

There are many use cases in which organisations might choose to utilise a multitenancy solution. These include:

  • Companies embracing eCommerce to sell training to clients through tenant learning portals
  • Charities hosting separate tenant spaces for volunteer training
  • Businesses separating learning across multiple offices, countries, or departments
  • Corporate entities with multiple brands preferring distinct branded learning environments

What are the benefits of using multitenancy?

For an organisation in need of more than one e-learning space, multitenancy is enormously useful. Not only does it make it possible to centrally manage all e-learning sites in one place, but it is much more cost effective than subscribing to multiple LMS platforms - saving potentially tens of thousands of pounds every year. 

What is a tenant?

The individual tenants of a multitenancy LMS are the groups of users affiliated with each distinct user site. For example, a group of tenants might look like this:

Tenant 1: Main Accountancy Brand

Tenant 2: Secondary HR Brand

Tenant 3: Secondary Financial Services Brand

Is multitenancy a feature of all learning management systems?

No - multitenancy is a function only available within specific LMS platforms. One of the best available platforms offering a robust multitenancy package is Totara Learn

Can I use Moodle for multitenancy?

Unfortunately, Moodle doesn't offer multitenancy functionality. It is possible to produce a multitenancy effect with a Moodle platform, but for true, fully optimised and manageable multitenancy a Totara Learn platform is recommended. 

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