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Hubken's e-learning glossary: H5P

What is collaborative H5P? Read our easy-to-understand definition



H5P is short for 'HTML5 Package'. HTML5 is a type of language used to develop web pages or applications. H5P refers to a type of interactive content made using this language. 


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In e-learning, H5P is commonly used to create and share interactive videos, quizzes, and course elements. It is a good tool for making content more engaging and visually interesting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's so good about H5P content?

H5P is a useful content type because it can be relatively easily created and also makes e-learning content much more interactive and engaging. 

As with SCORM content (which can include H5P content), H5P content is highly versatile. In fact, H5P content can be accessed with nothing more than an internet browser. It's highly responsive and mobile-friendly - meaning it's highly adaptable and can be viewed virtually anywhere. 

Can I create H5P content?

With a Hubken Moodle or Totara system, yes you can. 

We've ensured that our platforms come with a H5P plugin, meaning you can easily access the H5P hub to create your content. Learn more in our How to use and create H5P content blog

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