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Totara Engage and Perform free trial tutorials

Your 14-day free trial lets you use Totara Engage or Perform with no restrictions. On this page, you’ll find a range of tutorials to get you started. Whether it’s creating a competency in Perform or creating a workspace in Engage, the tutorial videos below can help guide you in a clear, step-by-step manner.
"It’s about impact and the ability to reach more people, which is so important for us, particularly in schools where reaching more teachers makes such a difference"
Jane Griffin at LGBT Youth Scotland

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Totara Engage tutorials

Unite your workforce through the power of collaborative and informal learning.Totara_engage


1. Create a Resource


2. Create a Survey


3. Create a Playlist 


4. Create a Workspace


Totara Perform tutorials

An all-in-one performance management tool designed around productivity.Totara_perform


1. Creating a Competency Scale


2. Creating a Competency


3. Setting a Competency Achievement Path


4. Creating Competency Assignments


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If you’re experiencing any issues or have some questions about how to do something in Perform or Engage, please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager.

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A powerful and flexible set of e-learning tools

The full suite of Totara products, known as the Totara Talent Experience Platform, brings together three systems to help you revolutionise the way you train, manage and develop your people – Totara Learn LMS, Totara Engage LXP and Totara Perform.

Adopting the Totara Talent Experience Platform is allowing clients to reduce training administration times and costs, enabling them to focus on the quality of training content and better measure training hours and competency levels. This is giving them a much more comprehensive overview of their employees’ activities.


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