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E-learning and LMSs for transportation, distribution and logistics organisations

Transform your transportation and logistics training with our comprehensive, effective, and affordable learning management systems – the perfect LMS for all your training requirements

Increase compliance and reduce operational costs

Our learning management solutions help organisations in the transportation industry – such as rail and trucking companies – recruit and develop employees, retain a powerful workforce, and monitor compliance to ensure that they maintain a high safety standard and meet regulatroy requirments.

The transportation and logistics sector requires specialised training to ensure that staff can perform their job safely and effectively – our learning management systems are designed to make your training programmes more engaging and interactive, including course creation with multimedia content, interactive simulations, and assessments for tracking progress.

The sector also requires training processes to be streamlined and systematic – and many of today’s challenges facing this industry can be overcome with an effective training platform.

With a highly mobile workforce that may not have easy access to a computer and the need to ensure a safe working environment, it is essential that your teams have easy access to training as and when needed to ensure that they can quickly get back on the job.

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"The training and consultancy from Hubken has been excellent: extremely flexible and tailored to our needs."
Julie Ryan at Stockport Council
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“I would recommend Hubken for their partnership approach, know-how, and focus on value for Arriva. Their understanding of our needs has augmented our own skills to help drive adoption and rollout.


Benefits of our LMSs for transportation, distribution and logistics

Mobile app with offline capabilities

Benefit from our mobile app with offline capabilities so your learners can access training while working, wherever they are! You can download content through the mobile app so you can access learning even when you have no connection your learning progress will automatically feed back into the platform when log back in.

Single LMS platform to manage

Manage all your learning and training programmes from a single, web accessible LMS platform.

Multiple languages available

Designed to deliver consistent and accessible learning solutions to geographically dispersed employees in multiple languages, the translation tool has 36 language packs available, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, and Chinese.

Connect other applications

Connect your business applications to enable learning in the flow of work with tools including MS Teams, Zoom, Salesforce, and SAP.

Automation and flexibility

Streamline onboarding by assigning teams, roles, and regions with the relevant training through our automated smart rules.

Robust reporting and analytics

Get full oversight, report and track course completion with our robust data analytics and automated reporting; detect issues and disengagement quickly with real-time monitoring of KPIs.

Complete compliance management

Generate customised training certificates with the ability to set expiration dates that are monitored and automoatically send alerts before expiry. Award certificates and compliance documentation, and maintain records that are fully aligned with safety regulations and compliance with a fully transparent audit trail.

Create bespoke content

Create your own bespoke content via our authoring tool to support your company’s bespoke needs. It’s not just the content of the training that matters – the way your training is delivered is also vital.

And there's plenty more...

Our market-leading LMS platforms are user friendly, intuitive and suitable for anyone – no matter how limited their experience is with technology!

With a learning and training management system from Hubken, you can seamlessly onboard new hires, automatically manage process and product knowledge and job-specific skill training, (including training for sales and customer support, educating channel partners and vendors), compliance training, and so much more.

Our team of LMS experts are available to provide ongoing support and guidance to help you get the most out of your e-learning platform. We are committed to helping companies streamline their training processes and ensure their workforce has the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.

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Transportation Client Case Study: Arriva

With a Hubken solution, Arriva won Totara's 2023 Best Compliance Experience Award - find out more here.

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