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Distance Learning Centre

Providing Access to Higher Education courses for nearly 30 years, Distance Learning Centre is leading the way in online learning, using the proven “learn-by-example” methodology.

Leading the field since 1993

As a proud family business, Distance Learning Centre is a leading online course developer and provider of home study and open learning courses in the UK.

Distance Learning Centre has been delivering distance learning courses for nearly 30 years and currently offer more than 250 online distance learning courses, helping more than 10,000 students achieve their goals and transform their careers. 


Distance Learning Centre
"The biggest single piece of advice that I would give for anyone looking at implementing a Learning Management Solution for their organisation would be to choose a Moodle platform hosted by Hubken! We have been very impressed with Hubken’s knowledge and support."

Distance Learning Centre

Michael Verinder, Managing Director

The challenge

Distance Learning Centre had traditionally been providing their courses offline, sending out by post the course materials to all their learners. It was rapidly becoming evident that this was not only very inefficient but was also a costly way of doing business in the internet age. Providing online courses would both be cost-effective and offer a much better learning experience for their clients.

Their immediate objective was looking to reduce the considerable overhead of providing paper-based course materials while simultaneously providing near-instant access to these materials as soon as enrolment had taken place.  

Distance Learning Centre was looking for an LMS that could provide the following: 

  • Efficiently distribute the right course material to the right learners at the right time 
  • Accurately track learner engagement and training outcomes 
  • Easily add new courses 
  • Easily maintain and improve existing learning content 
  • An intuitive and easy to use User-interface 

Why Hubken?

After looking at several different LMS providers, Distance Learning Centre chose Hubken  to host and support the Moodle platform because the company offered a high-quality service at a competitive price with an excellent service record.   

Given their key needs – a cost-effective solution with good tech support – Hubken’s Moodle LMS solution stood out to Distance Learning Centre, which valued both the flexibility of the solution and the fact that Hubken’s solutions included unlimited tech support as standard. 

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 “Hubken provides an outstanding LMS hosting service, offering value-for-money. They offer first-class support that is very responsive. They have always helped very quickly in every issue or question raised.”  

Distance Learning Centre

Michael Verinder, Managing Director

The solution

distance learning centre LMS screenshots

Streamlining processes for better learning experiences 

Distance Learning Centre needed an established LMS for hosting its growing range of online courses. Based on its own research, the Distance Learning Centre approached Hubken with the idea that Moodle LMS would be best suited to their requirements. During an initial discovery stage with Hubken’s LMS experts, it was clear that Moodle would be their ideal LMS, particularly because it was seen to be easy to set up and maintain and would create exactly the right professional image for their hundreds of online learners. 

Learners are now able to self-register on the LMS, choose the course(s) that they want to study, and the course material is now sent electronically, eliminating all the previously time-consuming and expensive manual processes previously involved in providing the course material they needed.  

The LMS is also fully integrated with an e-commerce gateway so that candidates can quickly and easily purchase their chosen course along with any other related product.  

This process has seen considerable resource saving for the Distance Learning Centre, whose staff were previously heavily involved in directly supporting students. 

The results

The Moodle LMS is the hub of a large part of their business, and it continues to grow bigger as Distance Learning Centre develop more online courses. With Hubken’s expertise and support, significant amounts of their time and resources have been freed by the move away from the labour-intensive enrolment and delivery process to one that largely runs itself.  Distance Learning Centre teams are now able to focus on strategy and long-term planning instead of a succession of administrative and support tasks. 

2020/21 saw:


Number of different courses available online


Access to HE Diplomas completed

The Distance Learning Centre team is very pleased with the LMS solution as it stands today and continues to supply an ever-growing number of courses online to enable them to maintain a small but highly focused team with low overheads. The Moodle solution has overwhelmingly delivered the cost savings and low maintenance and support that they wanted from their new LMS. 

“We saw this as an opportunity to deliver a seamless experience for our staff and students. With Hubken’s help, not only have our expectations been exceeded, but we have the confidence that we can continue to scale our operations as we expand the number of available online courses.” 

Michael Verinder, Managing Director

DLC New Logo
“Working with Hubken has really been great. Communication and project management was very good, and their technical input and ongoing support are absolutely superb. The team’s Moodle knowledge is extensive.” 

Distance Learning Centre

Michael Verinder, Managing Director

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