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Choose the best LMS for your business

Supercharge your learning programme with Hubken. 

Empowering organisations to achieve the best possible L&D results with award-winning LMS platforms and exceptional in-house support.

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The Best & Award-Winning LMS Platform
Powerful & Adaptive LMS Solution - Choose The Best LMS

Transform learning with our powerful, adaptive LMS solutions

Join the thousands of users who access our powerful learning solutions every day – anytime, anywhere, and on any device – for the very best LMS platform experience.

As specialist LMS providers hosting open-source e-learning platforms since 2004, we know all there is to know about learning management systems. With either one of our Moodle or Totara LMS solutions, you can deliver comprehensive learning and training to your business, simply.

Easy-to-use content creation tools and our exclusively enhanced UX designs make designing engaging, interactive training content straightforward.

Oversee and deploy learning content and courses via an intuitive audience management system

Deep, comprehensive reporting options allow administrators to report on virtually any aspect of learning and development at the touch of a button, saving hours in manual admin. 

For the best LMS experience, provide blended learning opportunities with our face-to-face and webinar scheduling tools and keep track of all learning in one place. 

Ready to go?

Discover the incredible value of our business LMS solutions.

No hidden surprises!

A complete best-in-class LMS platform

Best employee experience

Best employee experience

Deliver a personalised learning experience with an LMS that automates unique employee training experiences for different users.

Future-proof performance

Future-proof performance

Easily scale your learning programme to meet evolving organisational and learner needs - including advanced multi-tenancy functionality.

AI and mobile app

AI and mobile app

Empower your learners with mobile compatibility and AI-supported course recommendations that make the learning journey more interesting.

SCORM enabled

SCORM enabled

Import existing SCORM training courses or create new ones with our integrated SCORM course builder. 

Automatic upgrades

Automatic upgrades

Automatic upgrades mean you’re always enjoying the latest and best LMS features on your learning platform – at no extra cost.

Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting

Monitor, assess, and act where necessary to ensure e-learning and training are completed to set deadlines and quality specifications. 

98% client retention

Why partner with Hubken Group?

Our partnerships stand the test of time. While we fully stand behind our Hubken optimised LMS solutions, we know that it's the service and support we offer that makes our client partnerships last. 

For us, it’s about building lasting collaborative and trusted relationships with our clients. We'll always be at your side, providing a wealth of training and ongoing support to help you realise the full potential of your L&D projects.

Benefit from our over 20 years' experience providing the best LMS solutions to some of the UK's most prestigious businesses.

Our SaaS platforms are powered by Europe’s most advanced data centre - meaning extra stability and security for your data. 

We believe in being there for our clients throughout their e-learning journey - so we'll always be here to offer help and support at no extra cost. 

Hubken clients receive exclusive access to specially prepared in-house webinars showcasing LMS tools and features to help you get the most out of your solution.

Hubken Optimised LMS Solution - Choose The Best LMS

"Hubken knew what they were talking about and only said ‘yes’ when they meant ‘yes’ – there were no empty promises."

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Mountain Healthcare

“Hubken provides an outstanding, value-for-money hosting service. They offer first-class support and are very responsive.”

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Distance Learning Centre

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